Three Brilliant Wedding Venue Ideas That No One Else is Doing


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As the children’s rhyme goes, “You and your fiance are sitting in the tree. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.”

That a cute and clever little ditty, but we like to say, “First comes love, then comes hunting and searching for the perfect places to have a wedding.”

Getting married is the greatest day of your life. It’s an event that you’ll reflect on for the rest of your life. While it might be a stressful aspect of the wedding plans, finding the best places to have a wedding dictates every other detail of the event. If you are are on the hunt for places to have a wedding, give some consideration to our list of one-of-a-kind places to have a wedding, below:

Three Cool Wedding Venues

  1. Reclaimed industrial setting.
    Pros: Holding your wedding in a re-purposed factory or warehouse holds several benefits: First, it is likely less expensive than traditional wedding halls. Secondly, using an old warehouse for your wedding is sort of a blank slate that you can do anything you want with. Whatever style you have in mind will likely jive with this setting.

    Cons: This type of wedding venue is very labor-intensive. You’ll have to be responsible for every little detail, from the facilities for catering, setup for the band or DJ, to potentially even heat or air conditioning. And we’ll throw this in for free: You want to check out the bathroom situation and make sure it meets your needs before signing up for this type of venue.

  2. Rustic barn weddings.
    Pros:If you have ever cracked open an issue of The Knot, or looked at any wedding websites at all, you’ve seen the magic of rustic barn weddings. This type of wedding venue is so hot right now. Decor for a rustic barn wedding is supper low cost: hay bales for seating, twine and mason jars and your done.

    Cons: Many farms offer all inclusive event packages for barn weddings, but if you have to take a cow barn and turn it into wedding venue, just like the previous topic, this is a very labor-intensive venue. Barns are rarely insulated, heated or cooled and won’t be an ideal setting for a wedding during hot or cold months. Also, if you want a unique setting to say “I Do,” a barn setting is not the solution for you.
  3. Destination Weddings

    Pros: Many of the most stressful and expensive aspects of wedding planning involve accommodating, feeding, and entertaining a couple hundred people that you might or might not care very much about. One way to avoid having to invite all of your not-so-close coworkers and your entire Foosball league to your wedding is to get married at another destination. Get married surrounded only by the people who care enough to make the trip to your event, and the savings of cutting your guest list down to a fraction will make up for the cost of travel. Not to mention, this can cleverly be tied into your honeymoon trip.

    There are so many incredibly gorgeous places to get hitched in our country. You can’t go wrong with a wedding on the coast (think: San Diego or Miami). Get married at the Grand Canyon at sunset. How about in a remote area in Alaska? If you feel ambitious, you could even hold your destination wedding in a romantic setting outside of the United States. Paris anyone? (If you get married in another country, you’ll need to look up your state’s marriage laws. You might need to get married on paper before crossing the border.)

    Cons: Traveling can be a bummer, and coordinating a location that all your relatives can make it to might be difficult. Although, with today’s technology, anyone who isn’t able to make it to participate in your event through video conferencing.

Your wedding day is an event that will stand out in your memory for the rest of your life. It’s important that your memories hold nothing but joy. You might forget what your wedding cake tasted like, or how the band sounded, but you’ll never forget the venue. It’s important to find the best venue for your big day.