How to Help Your Community and Gain Some Extra Closet Space at the Same Time


Used clothing donations

We often hear of the American Red Cross helping those who are in need, especially after disaster strikes. What thought can you and I do to help the Red Cross? How can we help further their interest and help others in need?

American Red Cross Clothing Donations

The Red Cross happily accepts clothing donations. Who of us don’t have some clothes tucked away in a drawer somewhere that we no longer wear?

It is estimated that Americans buy nearly 20 billion garments a year. That equals every person in the United States purchasing more than one piece of clothing each week.

What happens to all these clothes when we are done with them? According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency the average person in the United States throws away 10 pounds of clothes per year.

What if instead of throwing unused clothing away,we gave our preloved items to American Red Cross clothing donations?

Statistics show that 70% of Americans give to charity every year, could we increase that number? Could we help even more than we have previously? Clothes donations, is just one way we can do that.

What is Done with the American Red Cross Clothing Donations?

Red Cross donations will be put to good use, helping those in areas where disaster has stuck. All day, every day the American Red Cross offers relief to families and whole communities, providing them with much needed blankets, food, shelter and more.

Used clothing donations are also put to use closer to home, providing support for the homeless community. In 2015 it was estimated that over 500,000 were homeless on a given night here in the United States, with 15% of the homeless population are considered to be chronically homeless.

These are distressing figures to be sure. But the American Red Cross is working vigorously to help these individuals.

When you donate clothes to Red Cross, you are offering valuable assistance to your community.

How To Donate Clothing

Any clothing that you have laying around, that is unused can be taken to a Red Cross donation center. You can also request for clothing donation pickup.

Are we not all looking for ways to help others that are in need? Don?t we all want to assist our community? Well, American Red Cross clothing donations is a great way to do just that. Why not go through your closets today and give some of these unused items to those that need them more than we do?