Golf Carts Provide Affordable, Efficient Transportation Options


Golf cart rentals make traveling around short distances easier as they’re a great way to move, especially with family or friends, along the shore in the summer heat. 10-passenger carts are reasonably affordable for most people. You may also be able to get a multi-day discount. The carts have charging stations, although you can plug them into a regular household power outlet overnight. Some hotels partner with cart businesses to offer rental golf carts to their guests.

Most people love their toys, and a cruise along the beach on a blacked out golf cart makes an ideal gift, especially for you or the special people in your life. So, why not pick up a golf cart gift certificate for your significant other? The greatest advantage of renting a cart is not worrying about its maintenance.

They’re a fun way to spend time and entertain your family and friends. If you’re into extravagance, you can enjoy having all sorts of cart models, such as lift and non-lift carts. They’re also available in a wide variety of colors, so you can use blue golf carts this week and black golf carts, or pink and purple ones next week. If you’re looking for black gold carts to travel in style, contact your local rental center today!

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Shopping has always been an adventure with your Dad.
You have to admit, however, that the drive from Omaha, Nebraska, to Shreveport, Louisianan, to look at golf carts was a bit extreme. He has purchased pre-owned golf carts before, but he has found most of them at local auctions, rarely traveling more than an hour to make his purchase. For some reason though when you told him that you had seen several used golf carts along the 12 hour route to take your daughter to college, he decided that this is where he would make his next purchase. Leaving early on a Sunday morning you traveled as far as Fayetteville, Arkansas, on the first day.
Stopping by local swap meets, garage sales, and auction houses, your father made a few small purchases. He insisted, however, that you get to bed early that night so that you could make a 6:00 am departure the next day. Some how, with the internet, he had managed to compile a list of four different locations that he wanted to stop at on the trip south. His plan was to look at the various options and only make a purchase if he found just what he was looking for. He seemed to be an expert on refurbished golf carts, golf cart batteries, and other accessories. Once he found his perfect cart he promised to make his purchase and the rest of the trip could be more leisurely. His plan was to pay for the golf cart, but not pick it up until the return trip home. No use hauling it the rest of the time you would be down south, right?
Golf Cart Purchases Allow Buyers the Conveniences of Quick and Easy Transportation
Although your father lived in a small Nebraska town where he simply used the golf cart to run over town and get the mail or across town to check on the garden, golf cart owners in many other parts of the country use this form of transportation on a more frequent basis. And while the Nebraska weather means that any new or used golf cart would be in storage during the cold and snowing months of the year, in other parts of the country golf carts are used year round for affordable transportation options.
College Campuses Many colleges around the country have several golf carts that are owned by the university. Very popular as a campus tour option, college golf cart purchases can also be used by campus security and campus maintenance staff. Because a new fully charged golf cart battery can run for one to two days, it is easy to charge a golf cart overnight so that it will have enough power for daytime usage. Available in sizes that carry anywhere from two to 10 passengers, this travel option is very flexible.
Sports Teams Most large high schools and university athletic departments use golf carts for athletic trainers and equipment managers. Most commonly seen at football games, these carts allow trainers and managers to more quickly and efficiently get from one location on the sidelines to another. Because the golf cart cargo box capacity averages as much as 370 pounds, these carts are an easy and affordable way to deliver heavy water bottles and heavy pieces of equipment to the field.
Retirement Communities For many years, golf carts have been a popular transportation option in planned communities in warm wether locations. Less expensive than filling a car with gasoline, golf carts are an affordable way for retirees to get where they need to go, even when they are not out on the golf course. Golf carts are so popular in some locations that golf cart parades are a part of many holiday festivals.
State Fairs and Other Events Golf carts are a very popular option for large events like state fairs, farm implement shows, and antique flea markets. And while some of these events allow attendees to bring in their own golf carts as long as they are registered, other events instead offer golf carts for rent.
Golf carts, in all sizes and prices, provide a safe, affordable, and convenient mode of transportations in many settings across America.