The Benefits of Designing Your Own Home


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So, you are looking for a new home? If the search has become almost intolerable at this point, maybe it’s time to put down the real estate listings and start checking out land plots instead. After all, you can have everything you want when you build your very own home.

Of course, this option represents a much more difficult path, since you will have to deal with builders, permits, architects, planners, surveyors, and of course, neighbors. But, you will have so much more freedom when it comes to crafting the home that you want and love. Don’t be afraid to add as much of anything that you want — for instance, storage, space, and appliances are top priorities for new home buyers; in 2013, 89% bought a home with a laundry room. So make sure that you have all the storage that you could ever want or need by prioritizing that in your plans. 65% of buyers said a home with central air conditioning was very important, and if you are moving to Florida, it probably is for you to. Build it on in.

Since you have so much more freedom, you are also more likely to land in a neighborhood that you want. After all, your placement in a community will have a huge effect on what and how you do in and outside of your home. In a survey of 1,500 Millennials looking to purchase homes, 66% preferred suburban locations versus 24% rural and 10% in the central city of metro areas — where do you fall in this demographic? Contact local home builders when you have decided.

Where ever it is, don’t be afriad to craft your place there. You are literally building yourself into the neighborhood, so remember to consider the people around you by making sure to notify everyone about construction and fit in, at least to some extent, to the neighborhood.

Remember when choosing a home builder that it is important that they see and understand your vision. Working with a home builder should be a collaborative experience, and communication is what to look for in a home builder. Home builders for modern homes will make this project that much easier for you.