The Many Perks of Choosing Florida as Your Home State


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There is a lot involved with purchasing a new home. You have to choose a location and a type of home. You have to decide on things like the house size, age, bedroom and bathroom amounts and location. Purchasing a home is a huge investment that should be considered and should be carefully planned. Florida is a great place to choose to purchase a home, because it offers homeowners with many benefits of residency. Homes by Westbay is located in Florida and offers homeowners with great location, modern homes and brand new homes for sale.

Conner Preserve is a natural area in central Pasco County, Florida preserved for water management since 2003. The landscape includes steep sandhill ridges, marshes, cypress sloughs and pine flatwoods. These preserves make Florida a beautiful place to call home with miles and miles of sightseeing and outdoor feeling. The warmer weather in Florida also keeps the preserves growing and in full bloom for much of the year. Homes by Westbay can be located near these great looking preserves.

A popular benefit to living in the state of Florida is that of no taxes. Most states require taxes from individuals, which can really eat into your income. However, Florida is one of only 7 states that does not collect an individual income tax at the state level (the other 6 are Alaska, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington and Wyoming). This is a great incentive to buying a new home in Florida with Homes by Westbay.

Although the home buying process may be confusing and tedious and you may be wondering how to buy a new home, Homes by Westbay can also offer home buyer assistance. They can show you various models and designs of homes, finding the perfect home for you and your family. Modern home builders are able to cater to your specific needs, as far as amenities and desires in a home go. That is one of the biggest perks of building a new modern home from the ground up. If you do not like the layout of something, you can change it. You can also plan the location of your kitchen, your living room and your bedrooms. You can also design your home to include a bathroom in yours or each of the bedrooms, for ease of convenience. The possibilities really are endless.

In a survey of 1,500 Millennials looking to purchase homes, 66% preferred suburban locations versus 24% rural and 10% in the central city of metro areas. The suburbs are the up and coming popular place to live. They offer residents with nearby entertainment and attractions, but still provide seclusion and that small town feeling. Also, homes tend to be much more affordable in a suburb type setting. Florida is a state that is made up of mostly suburbs, with many larger cities nearby for entertainment and beautiful views.

A lot goes into the home buying process, including choosing a location, choosing the home and deciding which home amenities are important. The state of Florida offers its residents many benefits to choosing it as their home state. The state is protected by many regulations, leaving things like the marsh banks safe and beautiful. There are no individual taxes in the State of Florida, increasing its resident?s income. Finally, much of Florida is made up of suburbs, making it the right balance of entertainment and small town feel. Homes by Westbay provide residents in Florida with many great home buying options, allowing them to fully customize their homes.