Americans Are Chronically Sleep-Deprived, Studies Report


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Restless? Can?t sleep? Wake up quickly when you do fall asleep? Insomnia and sleep deprivation are serious issues plaguing the American public. According to national estimates, as many as seventy million people struggle with chronic sleep disorders. Without the right amount of sleep, many find it difficult to function in their day-to-day activities and experience symptoms like headaches, difficulty focusing or paying attention, memory loss, fatigue and even depression and anxiety. Those who experience insomnia or sleep restlessly know the importance of investing in quality sleep aids, like a supportive bed, to ensure that they enjoy quality sleep.

Sleep is essential for health. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average adult requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Adults that get regularly get less than seven hours of sleep are more likely to unintentionally fall asleep at some point throughout the day. Despite, the known health benefits of getting a full night?s sleep, many adults do not. By improving your sleep quality, you will benefit your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Americans do not get enough sleep. Studies have been conducted by the Centers for Disease Control, the National Sleep Foundation, and a variety of other sleep and health-centered organizations. These studies found is that over half of American adults are not getting the sleep they need. An estimated 35% of adults regularly get less than seven hours of sleep each night. Over 90% of Americans report that they wake up at some point during the night. As a result, they spend the next day feeling tired.

Why don?t we sleep? There are a variety of reasons people are not sleeping well, just as there are a variety of factors that lead to sleep disorders. For example, parents of young children are woken up constantly throughout the night, contributing to their sleep deprivation and making it difficult to maintain a regular sleep schedule. Others might relate to the overthinking that tends to happen as soon as you go to bed. For many, poor bed comfort or an un- supportive bed lead to issues with finding a comfortable sleep position or experiencing pain at bed time. Whatever the reason, it is often difficult to enjoy a full night of undisturbed sleep.

How do we fix America?s sleep deficit? The solution to improving the quality of your sleep is as specific for your reason for not getting enough of it. Experts recommend establishing a nightly bed time routine that includes drinking water or a hot beverage and turning off all bright lights and electronics before attempting to sleep. It is also imperative to have a comfortable, supportive bed. Do you have an adjustable bed mattress that provides you options for the optimal sleep experience? Even better!

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