Beachside Rentals What to Do on Vacation


Outer banks vacation rentals

Americans are workaholics. That isn’t meant insultingly — there are statistics to back it up. Only about one-fourth of people surveyed actually used all of their paid vacation days. One out of 10 vacationers claim they can’t really feel relaxed while on vacation. More than half of people surveyed admitted that while they’re on vacation, they continue to work! That’s not what a vacation is supposed to be like.
Truth is, everybody needs a vacation, but not many people know what to do with themselves once they actually go on vacation. Few even really consider where to go for an extended trip. A popular destination for vacations is the beach, with 33 percent of people asked saying they’d go to the beach if they could only take one vacation day. Unfortunately, beach vacations usually mean lousy hotels, supposed “rooms with a view,” and severe disappointment when that view is of a brick wall. Few consider the benefits of vacation rentals. There are numerous beach house rentals available, each with actual oceanfront views. There’s also tons of beachside activities to keep you from getting bored. There are the timeless pastimes, like fishing from the boardwalk and swimming in the waves. If you decided to vacation and split the rental with a group of friends, there’s the famous sport of beach volleyball, along with other sports like Frisbee or KanJam. If you want a more romantic vacation with your loved one, nothing beats a picnic on the beach. Set up a blanket, maybe a candle or two, and watch the sun set over the endless, watery horizon. There’s also the incredibly relaxing activity of doing absolutely nothing. More than half of Americans prefer doing nothing when they’re relaxing on the beach. They wanted to just set up a blanket or a chair and sit in the sun, staring out at the ocean. No work, no phone, no email. Just sun, sand, and water.
There’s nothing wrong with being a workaholic. It’s inherently an admirable trait, but work can’t be all there is. There are oceanside rentals available all over, from Long Island, New York to the Outer Banks of California. Whether your vacation is with a bunch of friends, a family affair, a romantic getaway, or a simple few days of peace by yourself, you deserve one.