Making the Decision to Move Your Parent to a Senior Living Community


Senior apartments

It is always difficult when the time comes to decide whether or not your elderly parent can continue living on their own. It can be a stressful decision, making that choice for them when they may not be able to make it for themselves. When concerns of safety and care come into play, an adult child may need to begin researching the options of senior living communities. When an adult is no longer able to care for themselves, keep themselves safe and feed and nourish themselves, it may be time to consider what your options are.

Senior living communities provide safety for elder housing. These adult communities are set up at different monitoring levels, depending on the level of care that is needed. Each senior will require different levels of assistance. There are senior living communities that are senior apartments, memory care Virginia facilities and assisted living residences. Assisted living residences typically provide or coordinate 24 hour supervision, three meals a day plus snacks in a group dining room, and a range of services that promote resident quality of life and independence. These services include personal care services, health care services, medication management, social services, arrangements for transportation, laundry service and housekeeping and maintenance. The assisted senior living communities are the most common type of elder care housing.

Senior assisted living communities have shown additional benefits to the safety that the residents receive. In fact, according to the 2009 Independent Living Report by the Promatura Group, LLC, research shows that when you become a part of an independent living retirement community, you?re more likely to make new friends and to try new things, and more report a better experience than they expected. Virginia retirement communities provides the seniors with many more opportunities to be social than they would have in their own homes.

Having a parent in an assisted living facility can also provide peace of mind and comfort for the adult child. They are likely to have their own worries and responsibilities at home, making it difficult to care for their elderly parent around the clock. An assisted living facility can ensure them that their elderly parent is safe and well taken care of at all times. It can also ensure that they are receiving everything they need, when they need it. According to Age Wave, most people vastly underestimate the likelihood they will need long term care. While 37% of people aged 50+ believe they may need long term care in the future, the reality is that twice as many eventually will (70%). Adult children also often underestimate the care requirements of their parent, choosing to care for them themselves. However, much better and safer care can be provided for them in the senior living residence.

As our parents age, we may be concerned over their safety and care in their own homes. We may not be able to dedicate enough time and energy to fully caring for them and keeping them safe. Senior living communities provide many benefits for elderly seniors, even beyond that of safety and care. They also foster a social environment, while also promoting independence within them. They are also available at all hours of the day and night, ensuring that they are kept completely safe and cared for well.