3 Ways You Can Start Getting the Sleep Quality You Deserve


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Did you know that up to 70 million Americans have chronic sleep problems? If you?re one of them, this likely isn?t the first time you?ve looked into solutions for better sleeping. Sometimes, it?s not even an issue of simply going to sleep at the right time — a full 91% of adults have said that they sometimes or always wake up in the middle of the night, which can interrupt the full sleep needed by one?s body.

To help you out, we?ve compiled a list of top solutions for better sleep. You may not be able to use all these suggestions, but hopefully one or two will allow you to get a full eight to nine hours of sleep — every night!

1. Sleep Device

Sleep apnea affects millions of Americans. Apneas refer to instances during the night when the patient stops breathing. This can happen dozens, even hundreds of times in a single night. Consequently, during the day people with sleep apnea are often fatigued and may suffer other health problems as well. The most common device used to treat this condition is known as CPAP — a machine that keeps continuous air pressure going as you sleep. A doctor might also recommend surgery depending on what is causing the problem.

2. Set a Sleep Schedule

One of the most common inhibitors to good sleep is simply good sleep practices. In the 1700s, people had little choice but to fall asleep soon after daylight ended — or they would end up wasting a lot of kerosene. Today, you can keep going and going between TV, phones and other electronics. What you should do is set an alarm for at least half an hour before bed. After your alarm goes off, only quiet activities should be done — no phones, TV, etc. And you?ll need to actually pay attention to your alarm — not his ?snooze? on your snoozing time.

3. Improve Your Sleep Quality with Electric Beds

You may have heard about different types of adjustable beds, and for good reason — they?re a popular way to get a better quality of sleep at night. Considering that you spend about 3,000 hours on your mattress every year — it?s worth your time to invest in a good one. Not only can different types of adjustable beds come with optional massage and heat options, but they can potentially do everything from help nighttime heartburn, to relieving the symptoms of low back pain.
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