3 Important Things People are Seeking in Modern Home Designs


What to look for in a planned community

Did you know that on average, there are 248 sunny days annually in Land O? Lakes, Florida? There?s a number of reasons people decide to move to Land O? Lakes and to communities like it in this region.

Modern home plans look different than they used to, which may or may not surprise you. Millennials are quickly becoming the largest home buying group — 66% of them prefer suburban locations, 24% prefer rural, and 10% like the city. What?s not surprising is that millennials are likely to see convenience as a premium feature of new homes. They also like the idea of multi-functional homes — they expect that they might need to have a multi-generational household, whether it?s eventually sharing space with their parents, or having a separate apartment-type area for their eventual college-aged kids.

Buying a new home, though, doesn?t need to be a hard decision, no matter what age you are. Here are three important things that people should look for in modern home designs so that their home has lasting value (and current function!).

1. Open Floor Space

The days of every room being insulated from every other room are over. At an extreme end, open floor design means having almost no walls in the downstairs area — instead, separating different areas through strategically placed furniture. Most people want some walls. You should consider, though, combining your kitchen room and dining room, etc. This will make these areas appear more roomy — and may help to increase how frequently you actually use them.

2. Updated Appliances

Did you know that, according to a survey from the National Association of REALTORs, 65% of buyers agreed that central air conditioning in a home was very important to them? This is even more true for areas like Florida where air conditioning is essential for beating the heat and humidity. For this reason, great, eco-friendly appliances that will last for many years are popular investments.

3. Community Care: Homes by Westbay

Millennials are increasingly likely to seek community-minded neighborhoods. If possible, they want to be within walking distance of common amenities like grocery stores and restaurants, reflecting a shift in home preferences — former generations were more accepting of urban sprawl. The benefits of master planned communities are numerous — instead of things getting added to each neighborhood piecemeal, everything is allocated out beforehand. Homes by Westbay are one example of planned communities. Homes by Westbay usually require owners to agree to an overall agreement about managing their property for maximum value, etc.

Overall: the housing market is shifting to accommodate new demands. For many people, this can represent a great time to invest in a new home. Will you be putting money down for a modern housing plan in 2016?