Why Donate to a Military Charity?


Veterans donations

Are you looking for a way to help out your community? Are you looking for ways to help families in need and military families? Do you have a house that is filled with items that you don?t use anymore? The answer is simple: a charitable donation of clothing. A military donation is the best way to accomplish this and you can be sure that your donation will truly reach a family in need. There are several great reasons to turn your unused goods into military donations.

Support Your Community

We should all be proud to contribute, connect to, and support the members of our community who need help. If you look around your community you will probably see many groups in need: military families, families in need, those who have served, those who have disabilities, or anyone else in your community. Military donations and charities have always been a crucial part of supporting any community and you and your family can easily be a part of that. Spend a day sorting through old clothes that don?t fit anymore, old toys that don?t get played with anymore, old appliances that are rarely used. Free some some space in your home and know that you are helping to support your community by donating to a trusted military charity.

Reuse and Recycle

It has been estimated that nearly 90% of clothing and other textiles that were thrown away in the U.S. in 2011 could have been recycled and reused. On average, this amounts to about 12 million tons each year. Comparatively, only about 2 million tons of clothing were recycled in 2011. We all know the importance of recycling and how this benefits the environment in which we live. Why are we filling our landfills with goods that are still in great condition? The answer is clothing donations. Bag up the clothes you don?t wear anymore and drop them off with a military donation organization or locate charities that will pick up your donations. Make sure your working appliances, clothing, shoes, toys, and other goods don?t end up as garbage.

Strengthen Family Values

Donating to families in need and contributing military donations does not just help others; it helps you and your own family as well. There is nothing more rewarding then the knowledge that your own hard work has been enough to support your own family and also enough to lend a hand to someone else. Donating old toys can teach your children how important it is to help out their friends and to share when they already have enough, themselves. Being involved with local organizations that help military families is a great way to broaden your horizons and stay plugged in to your community.