Three Ways An Adjustable Bed Can Change Your Life


Adjustable twin bed

Despite the fact that the National Sleep Foundation suggests that we all get seven to nine hours of sleep per night, many of us end up sleeping far less than that. The fact is that comfort while sleeping is difficult to find, even though sleeping should be the most natural things in the world. A lack of sleep can have a major impact on your everyday life. Something as simple and necessary as driving can become a danger when you’re doing it while sleep-deprived. Your work can suffer as well, and many people find that their personalities drastically change when they deal with a lack of sleep. This is why adjustable bed mattresses have recently grown in popularity. With an adjustable memory foam bed, you can get your life back. Here’s why.

1. Adjustable Beds Can Help With Pain

A total of 91% of all Americans report waking up at some point in the night. One of the reasons why you make wake is due to back or joint pain, exacerbated by an uncomfortable mattress. An adjustable memory foam bed has a light and comfortable feeling, easing things like back pain. In fact, if your pain directly stems from uncomfortable sleep — as some do — an adjustable memory foam bed can eliminate your problems. Luxury adjustable beds are particularly comfortable. But the key to an adjustable bed is in the title: adjustable. Even if you grow to have different needs, you can still change the feeling and style of your bed.

2. Temperatures Can Be Changed

One of the main reasons why people keep waking up in the night, aside from pain, is temperature. Whether the room is too hot or too cold, 86% of people wake up feeling as if their room is too hot or too cold. Yes, some mattresses have adjustable temperatures. If your bed is too cold in particular, an electric bed may be a great option for you. Electric beds add that extra level of comfort that will help you get the sleep that you need. It’s certainly a better option than waking up at midnight to get an extra blanket from the linen closet!

3. Couples Can Have Their Own Space — While Sharing A Bed

Sharing a bed is an important part of intimacy for many couples. However, sharing a bed isn’t easy. Many of us have individual needs for sleep that aren’t the same as our partners’. That’s where adjustable memory foam beds for two come in. On these beds, one side can be adjusted to fit your needs, while the other can be made to fit those of your partner. It’s the ultimate compromise. You still have your time together, while getting your sleep. This will ultimately ensure that there isn’t any tension over losing your comfort “because of” your partner’s needs.