4 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Dream Home


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If you are considering creating a custom home design, you’ve got a world of possibilities available to you! With custom house models, you can pick and choose every feature that will go into your home. From the floor plan to the location, you have total control over each aspect of your dream home. However, there are some luxury amenities you may not have considered that will elevate your home from ordinary to spectacular.

  1. ?Smart system? controlled by your mobile device

    Taking full advantage of today?s technology, many luxury home builders wire the house with a smart system powered by the homeowner?s smartphone. The possibilities are endless with home automation. Think of your smartphone as a universal remote, connecting devices, electronics and security. With the touch of a finger, you can arm your home?s security system, change the temperature on the thermostat or even set the mood of the evening by changing what music is playing in each room. When creating custom house designs, you can pick and choose which smart systems will be the best fit for your lifestyle.
  2. Solar Panels

    Solar panels are a great alternative method to power your home. Many luxury house designs take advantage of solar panels to save money and the environment by reducing carbon-dioxide emissions from traditional power sources. Solar panels give custom house models an energy-efficient platform to run off of. Don?t you want your dream home to be equipped with amenities that are both eco-friendly and cost-effective?
  3. Guest cottages

    Generally around 1,200 square feet in size, guest cottages are separate from the main home. They typically contain 1 to 2 bedrooms and act as a retreat for guests or family members who come to stay with you. If you have visitors drop by often, providing separate quarters for your guests allows you to accommodate visitors comfortably while keeping your personal space.
  4. Infinity pools

    If you want to feel like you’re on vacation every day, consider installing an infinity pool. Infinity pools spill over the edge of a structure to give the illusion of a never-ending body of water. Many luxury custom homes utilize this enchanting and exotic feature to transform the home into a retreat. Drawing inspiration from spas and resorts, stone bathtubs and infinity pools are popular luxury amenities. By taking inspiration from real spas and resorts, you can add a little slice of heaven right under your own roof.

You can take custom house models and add amenities such as these to create a luxurious, contemporary space that’s all your own!