The Evolution of the Remote Control


Panasonic remote control replacement

With the development of tv remote controls, families could sit in comfort and channel surf with the push of a button. Today, over half of American families have four or more remote controls for devices in the living room alone. In total, there are over 335 million television remotes in the US. Its time to honor that channel-changer that too often is overlooked by looking at the past, present, and future of remotes.

The Great-Grandfather of Your Remote Control

When television statistics were first kept in the year 1965, a remote control only came with one out of every 20 television sets. Twenty years later in 1985 almost half of all color television sets included a remote control; this number increased to three-quarters of TVs by 1988. Today, all television sets come with a remote control; some families have additional remotes to control DVD players, VHS players, Blu-ray players, satellite or cable service, and even surround sound systems. Chances are you can find a remote in your home that serves no known purpose.

The Present Quest for the Lost Remote Control

The “Global Remote Control Trends Study” performed by Logitech found that half of those who misplace the remote will find it stuck between the cushions of a sofa. Of those who lost a remote, 4% claim that their quest took them all the way to the refrigerator or freezer while 2% had to look in the car or outdoors before they found their elusive prize. One in every five Americans own a device that is rarely or never used because of a lost remote. Replacement remotes are available to make such devices easy-to-use again.

The Future Descendants of the Primitive Remote

Advancements in touch-screen technology thanks to smart phones and tablets may make for a better viewing experience according to half of consumers. 47-59% of customers believe that a touch-screen TV or DVD player remote would enhance their entertainment viewing experience. All in one remote controls are available now to reduce the need for multiple remotes to control various objects.

Bringing Your Remote Back from the Dead
A dead remote sometimes means looking at replacement remotes. 1 out of every 3 ‘dead’ remotes can be brought back to life by following a simple 5-step restart procedure which can often be found on the manufacturer’s website. Programming all remotes can be easy with the instructions if a replacement is needed.