Digital Photo Services Can Help You Get All of Your Photos in One Place


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How many of the 3.5 trillion photos (number taken in the 186 years since the first photograph) have you taken? If you are like most avid photographers, you might have some idea. For example, “I currently have 162,262 photos in my laptop photo library right now.” Of course, that does not count the hundreds, or thousands, of others you have deleted to free up disk space to keep your computer running smoothly. And it definitely does not include all of the photos you captured before you switched to a digital camera.

It is not surprising that almost 1 of every 4 Americans (24%) ranked family photos as their most valuable documented piece of information when you know that Yahoo! estimates people took more than 880 billion photos in 2014.
This means that for those 24% of people ranking family photos as #1, these documented memories ranked higher than Social Security cards and birth certificates. it may also come as no surprise that women (32%) are twice as likely as men (15%) to rank family photos as the most valuable documented piece of information.

Why then, in a survey of 250 parents, do more than half (52%) say they have not done anything with the thousands of photos/videos they have of their children, nothing to preserve them for the future? In fact, almost half (47%) of these parents admit they have not thought about how they will share the photos and videos they have of their children with those children when they are older. If you are a parent or grandparent who has a photo collection that is a combination of print photos and digital photos, your plan for sharing these memories may be even more complicated.

With the technology available today, it only makes sense to use old photo digitization to guarantee the permanence of your treasured pictures. The old photo restoration technologies available mean that if you use a picture digitizing service you can not only use professional photo scanning services to document your print photos, but you can even repair damaged ones. Old photo digitization is a way to have every photo you have available to you, and family and friends who you share them with, immediately on any of your devices.

Image scanning services and other old photo digitization technologies can also help you create
digital documentation of more than just photos. You can also use a slide digitizing service to share slide memories as easily as digital photos. Once all of your photos are safely stored in one place, it is easy to move to the next step and create tangible photos gifts, like high quality print photo album that you can print and gift as many times as you want.