No Money? No Problem 3 Strategies to Make Donations to Veterans


Children in need clothing

One of the best ways to give back to the people that leave their families to defend our country is of course by making donations to veterans and charity foundations aimed at helping military families. Approximately $300 billion is donated to charities in the U.S. on an annual basis. Don’t let that number intimidate you though, while it may seem insignificant even the smallest amount helps. Even for those not in a position to donate financially large amounts of money you can still make a difference. Here are three ways to donate even when times are tough.

    1.) Clothing: Everyone has it and most have enough to outfit a clone still with hand-me-downs to spare. Virtually all clothing that is thrown out in the U.S. could instead be recycled or reused. In total 5% of Americans’ waste is old clothes every year. You can donate directly to clothing drop off locations that deal directly with helping veterans and their families, or even sell them yourself at a yard sale and make monetary donations to veterans charities from what you receive.

    2.) Change: Another thing everyone generally has a plethora of. Instead of using it on a candy bar, lotto tickets, or just plain losing it behind dressers and under couch cushions get a jar and keep it by your front door or bedroom. Whenever you get in empty your pockets and before you know it you’ll have a few dollars to donate you won’t ever miss.

    3.) Run: One approach that will not only make you feel good about donating to a great cause, but can also help you personally is to find a local road race and begin soliciting family and friends for donations with the caveat that all of it will go to whichever you deem best charities to donate to. Promote yourself and the challenge you’ll be undertaking in the name of our countrymen. You can make it more interesting by making bets with donors on a finishing time, loser donates an extra $10!

It’s important to show support and appreciation for the service of the brave men and women of our military, but life happens and many times that can be easier said then done. Here are just a couple ways for even the stingiest of penny pinchers to try and jump start their donations to veterans.