What is Independent Senior Living Retirement Options


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Aging is something many Americans are uncomfortable discussing, even though it’s an inevitable part of life. Life happens, and a startling 90% of people have not discussed critical long term care with their spouse or partner, parents, or adult children. Compassionate senior care is one of many options for people handling life-limiting illness or injury. We should do better talking about getting older, but a Genworth Financial study found that 55% of their respondents said they didn’t want to be burden on their families should they get ill and need long term care. Talking about retirement options is important.

Besides, it’s not as though older folks don’t enjoy robust personal lives. They reported some of their most common activities were reading, pursuing religious activities, talking on the phone, and gardening. Those with active social lives have slower rates of memory decline. Independent living offers one solution for the independent senior who wants to live their lives but who may benefit skilled nursing services, but don’t necessarily need them, senior friendly surroundings, and an independent living community. Senior living activities don’t need to be limited to only what immediately comes to mind-Bingo, card games, or parcheesi. As we begin to understand how important keeping our minds and bodies sharp into old age, wellness coordinators are planning accordingly to bring fresh and interesting activities to their communities. You can certainly also plan your own outings and things to do in some senior living residences.

Assisted retirement living definitely offers advantages to other forms of retirement living. The facilities encourage social and physical activity, two crucial things for improving quality of life for seniors. The benefits of exercise can be seen even in those who start some form of it, between the ages of 70 and 85. Moreover, people in assisted retirement living facilities report having a much better experience than they anticipated, partially because they made new friends and tried new things. Living in nursing home is not what these kinds of seniors need. Some retirees are merely looking to downsize their houses and be around people more in line with their life experiences. Such facilities can help seniors avoid a premature move into an assisted living facility.

Make sure to ask questions about what kind of assisted retirement facility is right for you. Some basic questions may include “How much work are caregivers given per shift?” or “How do you handle situations where a person requires more care than you can provide?”. Other concerns about emergency systems, amenities, and care plans are worthy of follow up as well.Inquiring about hospice care may also be a good question, depending on your health and needs. The best senior living options is going to be the one that fits your wants and needs. Elderly independent living options exist for you.

What are you looking for in assisted retirement living?