Charity Donation Pick Up Services: What You Should Know


donation pick up

Donating clothes to charity achieves two objectives. First, it provides clothing for the homeless and less fortunate, and second, it prevents recyclable fabrics from being thrown away. Though the latter may not get as much recognition, its usefulness in preventing harmful waste deserves a closer look.

In 2006, for example, nearly two-and-a-half¬†billion¬†pounds of fabric were kept from being disposed of by used clothing donations and purchases. Sadly, far too much fabric is needlessly thrown away in the United States. Common textiles such as cotton, polyester, nylon, silk, and rayon comprise 5% of all landfill waste in the country. Much of it — in fact, 90% of it — is recyclable, easily capable of being used as clothing for people in need, or sold to be used as rags for cleaning applications.

It’s also interesting to note that every year, Americans dispose an average of 68 pounds of clothing each while buying just 10 pounds of used or recycled clothing. By taking a few modest steps regarding clothing, Americans can vastly improve the plight of the nation’s poor.

By donating your lightly used clothing from time-to-time, you can provide warmth and comfort for people who have nowhere to go and no one to turn to. There are a variety of organizations that accept charitable clothing donations. Many of them have convenient bins to place them in. Be sure to wash clothing before donating.

If you truly don’t feel like leaving your house, guess what? You still don’t have an excuse! Several charity organizations offer donation pick up services. Just leave your used clothing on your curbside or doorstep and someone will come to pick it up! Charitable donations have never been easier to give.

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