Three Reasons to Give Donations to Veterans’ Organizations This Holiday Seasons


Donate items to charity

In the United States, there are over 20 million military veterans, as of 2011, and there are millions more in active duty and reserves. While military members and veterans are respected members of society, some have come home to hardships brought about by their service. Some are unable to find work; others have been wounded in action or have trouble adjusting to civilian life once more.

As a result, however, there are many charity organizations that work to help veterans and their families. With the holiday season approaching, many of these charities need assistance so they can continue helping military families and veterans. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider giving donations to veterans and their families for the holidays:

1. Your donation will help reduce their household expenses. Many military veterans, whether they have come back injured or not, have difficulty finding work after their service. Others who have faced wounds may have the long process of recovery ahead of them first before they can begin earning money again. In order to help these individuals and their families make ends meet, furniture, household appliances, electronics, and clothing donations to veterans are essential. Many charities collect these items to give to veterans; some will also take these items for recycling in order to give the proceeds to veterans and families in need.

2. You can give back to your country. Military members make sacrifices to ensure the safety of our nation. Whether or not they have experienced any hardships as a result of their service, some are in need of a little bit of extra help when they return home. Many veterans and their families can benefit from the items you may no longer need, so giving those donations to veterans’ organizations are a great way to say “Thanks.”

3. You can help their children have a great holiday. Finally, around the holiday season, especially, many families may have difficulty in giving their children gifts. It’s tough to explain to a kid that Santa “won’t be able to make it this year.” Many charities look for clothing and toy donations as a way of helping families in need and spreading some holiday cheer.

Wondering about other ways to help these organizations or about the best charities to donate to? Leave a comment below.