Finding the Best in Elder Care for Your Parents


Quality of senior living

When it comes to finding the right independent and assisted living options for older relatives, many people want what’s best for their parents and grandparents. While senior living today is an expanding industry, it’s also highly competitive, and it may be difficult for seniors and their caregivers to find the best homes for seniors in their area.

However, finding the best senior care isn’t just about the highest-priced senior homes. There are many other factors to consider when searching for the best in elder care. Here are just a few things to consider during your search with mom and dad:

The Best Activities for Seniors

When discussing the differences in senior homes, the most important distinction to make is between assisted and independent living. Assisted living homes are designed for seniors who may need more intensive medical care, and they may or may not have mobility issues. As such, group activities and outings in these facilities will often be more low-key and not too strenuous, so everyone can participate. Independent senior living, however, is geared toward adults who have greater mobility and want to have an active lifestyle. Because these adults tend to require less urgent medical attention on a daily basis, they may have more activities outside the senior community.

The Best Memory Care for Seniors

Many people also have relatives who require memory care for treating dementia and Alzheimer’s. The best memory care for seniors shouldn’t just include therapies and medical attention, though those aspects are important. Quite often, the best memory care for seniors will keep that person safe, too. Seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s are prone to wandering off, which can put them in serious danger. A good memory care facility will protect patients from these types of situations.

The Best Living Options for Seniors

In short, there is no right or wrong type of senior care — only the best fit for individual seniors. Someone active may feel bored in an assisted living home, for instance; a senior with mobility issues may feel left out of activities in a more independent community. The best way to find the right home is to visit ones nearby. Adult children and their parents should be prepared to ask questions to the staff about daily routines, treatments, and activities, and they should also observe the facility: Is it clean? Do the residents seem happy? Are the staff members friendly?

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