Three Perfectly Legitimate Reasons to Go to Brunch


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One of the most underappreciated mealtimes in America is brunch. Part breakfast, part lunch, brunch means not waking up at 7AM to eat or getting scoffed at when you try to order eggs Benedict at 11AM. Brunch means enjoying all of your favorite breakfast and lunch foods with no compromises. Most importantly, brunch means mimosas. Here are three perfectly legitimate reasons to shake off the breakfast or lunch dichotomy and get your brunch on.

1. You’re Getting Married.
What’s probably one of the most legitimate reasons to go to brunch or to throw one is because you’re getting married. Wedding brunches can be before, the day of, or after the actual wedding, but they’re usually to thank guests or the wedding party for their efforts. There are plenty of other excuses to squeeze other brunches in too — for the engagement party, the wedding shower, or the day after the bachelor or bachelorette parties.

2. It’s Sunday.
The fact that it’s Sunday is as good an excuse to go to brunch as any. After all, Sunday is considered by many Americans to be the designated day of rest, a respite from the long work week and the weekend hubbub. Sunday brunch buffets are the perfect way to celebrate the conclusion of another successful week of life and to prepare for the one ahead.

3. Any Holiday, Ever.
Sunday brunches come once a week, but there are other days that can warrant sleeping in and going out for a nice brunch, like any holiday. Take mom out for Mother’s Day or Dad out for Father’s Day. Take everyone out for a family Christmas or Easter brunch. Take someone out to celebrate Arbor Day. The possibilities here are endless.

Can you think of any other perfectly good reasons to go to brunch? Feel free to let us know in the comments!. More research here.