What’s the Best Way to Replace My Remote Control?


Television remote control codes

When you lose a remote, to your dog, to your couch, or to that garbage can that’s sitting a little too close to your coffee table, it can suddenly become very difficult to use the corresponding device. Aside from the obvious annoyance of having to get up to adjust the volume or change the channel, most modern devices are reducing visible buttons altogether. You may find yourself unable to change the input on your TV, or switch the subtitles without your DVD player remote.

The average TV watcher will spend over two weeks searching for lost remote controls in their lifetime, and many of them won’t succeed in their search. If you’re tired of turning your living room upside-down looking for a lost remote, it might be time to look into replacement remote controls.

You can actually buy the same original equipment manufacturer remote you lost from a third party seller fairly easily. All you need to do is find the model number on the back of your corresponding device and use it to order a new remote from a third party seller. You’ll be able to purchase a remote exactly like the one you lost, saving you from the irritating process of using a universal remote with reduced functionality.

Programming a remote can take a little time but it’s fairly easy. You’ll need the remote programming codes and instructions from your original manual or from the seller you purchased the remote from. You can also find remote programming codes (similar to universal remote codes) online. Every remote is different, but usually remote programming involves inputting codes until the remote syncs up, then saving the settings.

Buying a new replacement remote is a quick and easy way to continue using your device the way it was intended to be used. Don’t go without a remote. Find a remote seller today and replace your lost remote!
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