Tips for Replacing Your Lost or Broken Remote Control


All in one remote controls

Digital TV remote controls are easy to lose. Remotes left on the couch end up crushed between the cushions, and remotes left on the edge of side tables can be nudged easily into the garbage can and thrown out. Remotes that aren’t lost may become broken, worn or damaged over time to the point that you can’t even access your device.

Fortunately, you aren’t doomed to getting up to change the channel and volume just because your original digital TV remote control got lost or went dead. In fact, you can buy replacement remotes exactly like the ones you lost fairly easily from third party sellers.

TV remote replacements
differ from universal or all in one remotes in that they don’t reduce your device’s functionality to a few basic buttons. A replacement of your original digital TV remote control is still designed to work with your device. This means that every button you’re used to using and some you haven’t gotten around to yet will still be there.

To order a replacement mode, you’ll need the model number on the back of the device it corresponds to. Usually a serial number won’t work. Use this model number to find the corresponding remote on a website that sells remotes made by the original manufacturer.

Usually finding your remote is fairly quick and easy, and most websites that sell replacement remotes also have instructions for programming them. Usually you’ll need TV remote codes that correspond to your device to activate a new remote.

Though programming codes can be a pain, you’d have to do the same with a universal remote, and then you’d also have to worry about whether or not your universal remote could store the information. Original remotes take about the same amount of time to set up and you don’t sacrifice functionality.

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