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Published on September 3rd, 2014 | by Home and Family


Are These Four Things Shortening the Lifespan of Your Metal Roof?

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Low maintenance is one of the main advantages of owning a metal roofing system, but even the best metal roofing needs repair once in a while. A metal roof will last longer than most other roofing types on the market, but it still needs care to achieve it’s fullest potential and longest lifespan.

You don’t even need to call a residential roofing contractor to protect your roof in simple ways. Here are four things that can shorten the lifespan of your metal roof and what you can do about them:

    Trees and Bushes

    If tree limbs are allowed to abrade your roof constantly over time, the finish of your metal roof may eventually be compromised, and the damage can go even deeper than that in areas with strong wind. Trim your trees and bushes back from the roof and keep an eye on them if they start to grow over your house.


    Most of the time, debris will wash of your roof with seasonal snow and rain. But if debris is allowed to accumulate on your metal roof, especially in long valleys, it can damage the structure of your roof, gather moisture, and encourage mold growth. Usually you can deal with this problem with an extendable brush or a gentle spray from a hose.

    Foot Traffic

    Metal roofs can be walked on, and even the best roofing contractors will walk on them during installation, but it shouldn’t become a regular practice. Keep roof walking to a minimum and familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s guidelines if you need to go up there anyway.

    Dirty Gutters

    Debris in your gutter can cause just as many problems as debris on your roof. Though your metal roof will easily shed rain, snow and debris, full gutters may stop it from drying out, which could corrode the metal over a long enough period of time. The best roofing contractors will install or recommend gutters that are efficient enough for metal roofs, but you should still maintain them to keep them from causing trouble.

If you’re worried you’re not maintaining your roof as well as you could be, contact the best roofing contractors in your area and ask for advice. They’ll be happy to assess your roof and give you a plan for how to proceed.

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