A Simple Guide to Bail Bondmen


Many situations in life require a bond. In some cases, a person gets arrested and must pay a bond to guarantee to the court that they will show up for a future court date. Sometimes, an individual in the process of immigrating to the U.S. must guarantee to the court their promise to attend all related immigration hearings.

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For some crimes, such as DUI, the law enforcement system sets a standard bail, which the individual or their family can pay to ensure release from jail while awaiting trial. If the person or family does not have the full amount of money, they can approach a bail bond service. The family pays a fee, about 10% of the bail, and the service issues a bond in the full amount of the bail to the court.

As the video notes, typically, a judge sets the bail during a hearing. Some crimes only result in the issuance of a ticket, which the individual pays or refutes on or before the court date appearing on the ticket. Because bail amounts range from personal recognizance to multi-million dollars, some bonds require collateral to issue because even 10% equals a hefty sum of money.

Easily find an answer to “Which bail bondsmen near me serves my need?” by checking the Better Business Bureau website. It provides scores based on consumer reports and complaints, plus other inputs. In some rural areas, the nearest bail bond office may serve multiple counties and have an office in the largest county seat.