Choosing the Best Mulch For Your Garden


If you’re starting a new garden, you’ll need to understand the importance of quality mulch. Adding good mulch to your garden can mean the difference between a fruitful bounty or a dying plot of plants. Here are some useful tips for choosing the right mulch for your garden.

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If you’re planning for an intensive season with lots of plant growth, you’ll want denser mulch like manure. This will decompose quickly and will bring much-needed nutrients to your plants. By the end of the season, your garden will be exploding with greenery!

If you want a garden you can eat from such as a vegetable garden, you’ll want to use wheat straw mulch. Vegetables can be fragile and can get sick just like people do. This type of mulch will prevent them from getting diseases or mold so they stay healthy and strong throughout the growing season. What’s more, straw mulch will deter any harmful pests from laying eggs around your precious vegetables.

If you choose the right mulch, you’ll be setting a great foundation for your garden. Making the right choices means you’ll have a healthy garden that will last for years. For more advice, ask your local green thumb how they care for their plants.