Complete Home Renovations on a Budget


Renovations don’t have to be expensive. You can get some genuinely amazing things done to improve your home without breaking your wallet. Complete home renovations on a budget are 100 percent possible, and today, we’re proud to share some of our cheats for saving and turning your home into something fab.

Affordable Floors

Change the flooring into something new but affordable. The floors are an element of the interior that usually stands out. If anything, it also helps to highlight the other home accents because of perhaps contrasting colors or patterns.

There are many affordable flooring options to choose from at your local home d├ęcor store. You can go with tiles which are affordable if you keep them simple and not too chic to begin your complete home renovations. You can also opt for vinyl floors or linoleum to name just a few. You can be rustic and go for a treated concrete floor finish or stone textures. Wood works too, but wood can be pricy and a lot of work to maintain.

One of the nice things about flooring for your interiors is that you can use the interlocking floor types and do it by yourself. They are made with interlocking ends, so its easier to install and use over the existing flooring

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is something that cannot go without seeing or go unrecognized as it is the front sections of your home like the front yard, the roof, the windows, doors, and the garage, to name a few. An unkempt exterior home is unflattering, and many people don’t even look twice if the place looks dilapidated and run down.

You can boost your home’s curb appeal with a new residential garage door installation. Why the garage door? The door is usually seen from the curb and sits at the front of the house. What’s more, there are so many garage doors to choose from, including those that help you with complete home renovations and do not cost an arm or a leg.

Some affordable garage door types include but are not limited to metal roller doors. While these might not have a great appeal for residential areas, they can still be used when you’re in a pinch during your complete home renovations. Be timeless using a wooden door because wood works with any exterior design. Best of all, you can get wooden garage doors of many types. You can opt for automated garage doors, which are always handy than using a manual door. Still, there’s nothing wrong with having a manual door fixed in your home. You’ll find a wide variety of roll-up doors, tilt-up and over canopy style, retractable doors, and side sliding doors, to name a few.

Maximize Storage

Storage is something every household needs, and complete home renovations shouldn’t be without adding extra storage to your home. Storage can be added in the kitchen, bathroom, backyard, garage, and lounge. Done properly will create a beautiful storage setup that doesn’t look cluttered. Using an affordable and on-point bathroom cabinet design can turn a claustrophobic small bathroom into a roomy, elegant space.

Cabinetry doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can use custom bathroom cabinet design companies to help you get something unique to your bathroom. Sometimes the cabinets must be custom-made also to fit particular spaces and be more functional. You might also be looking to design something modern and only use open shelves rather than closed cabinets. You can have a shed in your backyard for storage, and you can free up floor space in the garage to add some shelving and raise the storage.

A Bit of Luxury

If you’re on a budget and still looking for complete home renovations, you might investigate adding an affordable yet stylish kitchen backsplash. You can choose from many designs, and having a backsplash looks more professional and welcoming than not having one. You can try some excellent designs like mosaics, a different tile compared to the rest of the kitchen walls, and unique prints to make them stand out even for you and your family.

p>Opt to switch out current linoleum countertops for granite ones. A granite countertop is timeless and never goes out of style. It also highlights that granite can go with anything in your kitchen, but you don’t only have linoleum. Instead, you now have granite. Granite tops are robust and resistant to burning, scratches, and chips.

Installing granite tops will immediately increase your property’s value. Granite can be quite expensive. Still, they are a long-term investment in your complete home renovation. Trust us; granite countertops don’t really go out of style.

Kitchen Island Without the Reno Expense

Complete home renovations can include adding a large table in the center, mimicking a kitchen island or breakfast bar. This dinner table can be a perfect square or four-seater one so that it fits nicely. You can also use a larger table if your space is allowed for one, and the table can double as extra workspace.

Bathroom Accessibility

A bathroom-safe step is a good feature to have, especially for seniors in the home or less mobility individuals. A bathtub safe step or walk-in bath is a safer way to enter the bath without lifting one leg over the edge of the bath. Sometimes an entire bath is remodeled to create a seating area and less of a low plunge into the water. It’s also easier to get up from the bathtub than it would be with a regular bath. Along with the bath step, you could also add grab handles to help hold the person’s balance and aid in walking into and out of the bath.

Outdoor Space

Create a screen room outside. There are so many benefits to having a screen room and it allows for an additional outdoor haven for entertainment when friends and family come over to visit. It can be large or small scale and you can use it to create new memories by taking photos there and enjoying the time. Some people have intimate functions like a birthday celebration with family or a wedding reception extension at home.

If your yard space allows for it, then you can add this special screen room feature a little further from the main house. You can also make it part of your porch and screen your porch. Screen rooms vary in cost and this all depends on the type you’ll have, the size and so forth. Some people pay between $30-$125 or from $1,800. Again, this all depends on the size, the materials, and the time spent on making it.

Leave the Kitchen Sink In Place

The more intricate and involved the plumbing work, the more expensive the complete home renovation on a budget for your kitchen will become. We suggest you leave your kitchen sink as is and switch out the surrounding cabinets. If you want to reinforce longevity, your plumber could fit new piping and joints to make sure nothing leaks or malfunctions since it’s been there for a long time.

Window Treatment Upgrades

Complete home renovations, including upgrading the window treatments. This one can be done with your DIY skillset. If you’re not confident to do it yourself, there’s no shame in asking the pros for help. You can go from short-hung curtain rods to stepping them higher towards the ceiling and your drapes flowing down. Blinds are perfect additions to help with light control in the house. You’ll also be spoilt for choice with all the variations of blinds and shutters available to purchase.

Roof Revival

Renovations can include getting your roof back in shape. You might not have a large enough budget to get the whole roof replacement, but you can repair the roof. A roof repair job costs between $150-$7,000, but it all depends. Are the repairs minor, or do they require excessive work? Speak to your local roofing companies and get quotations from them.

Power Washing Your Exteriors

Sometimes, you only need a refreshing power wash for the roof and exterior of your home to look as good as new. You might have some wood decking in the front on your patio that you haven’t cleaned in a long time, and it’s started to show. Power washing the deck can go from grimy and gross to fresh and clean. The same applies to your roof, walls, gutters, and driveway. A simple power wash is all it takes to restore life to your fixtures and aesthetics.

Why does power washing work? You may have wondered why power washing works so well, and this is thanks to the heated water system and forced pressure to give a boost of strength when cleaning. These machines are very special and expensive. We highly recommend hiring a power washer to help you get the best for your home and not have to break the bank and dock out lots on a machine you virtually, maybe only use twice a year. Power washes can easily retail at $260 or more, and gas washers are even more expensive at $370 or more.

Protect Your Driveway

Your driveway shouldn’t be an offroad rally setup. Instead, it should be a drivable and smooth place your car can easily manage. Your driveway is not only part of curb appeal but also important because of the vehicles that move up and down on it. It must be maintained and also cleaned. You can use a sealcoating after pavers are installed as this helps to protect the material from weathering conditions.

Decorate the Walls

Decorate the walls in your living room with modern accents like floating shelves to store items such as books, a flowerpot, or other ornamental pieces. You can also put photo frames on the wall displaying beautiful family moments. Instead of just painting a flat wall, add ridges first. You can add depth to the walls using cut wood pieces to make your chosen patterns. After that, you can commence painting the wall. Now the feature wall is no longer flat but has pizzazz.

Stylish Transformation

Transform your interior spaces by using stylish tiles in your complete home renovations. Large tiles look chicer and more modern than smaller-sized tiles on the floors and the walls. Still, that doesn’t mean they all cost a fortune. In fact, you can pick up some large bathroom tiles for $12 per square foot. Slate floor tiles are also affordable, with some coming in at $5.99 per square foot. With tiles, it all depends on the material used because many mimic expensive and lavish imports only to cost way less.

Modern Drainage

Modern drainage may include trending features like copper gutters, mole drains, and interceptor drains, only to name a few. Outdoor drainage is important as it reduces the chances of water stalling when heavy downpours of rain occur. Drainage outside eliminates soil erosion, preventing the chances of standing water which later causes moss and mosquitos. With proper water drainage, your home’s foundations are also secure. Still, consistent moisture and dampness, not only risks the foundation’s integrity but also causes moss and rising dampness issues to occur.

Repair Cracks and Paint the Exterior

Another complete home renovation solution to take care of are the pestering cracks that develop over time within the property’s paint surfaces. You could hire a painting contractor to help amend these by filling the cracks and after that applying two to three coats of fresh paint. Hiring a professional painter to do this will ensure that you’re getting a proper job done and that you will have good results to last another few years before a fresh coat is required again. Power hosing between paint retouches is also handy as this will save money from hiring a painter and paying for the gallons of paint they’ll use to complete the home.

Now that you know about these sweet and complete home renovations to do on a budget, which ones would you prefer to tackle first? Home renovations can often be stressful, but the finished result is simply rewarding in the end.