Modern Bathroom Renovation Ideas


Home renovations have always been popular for a number of reasons. One of the most obvious is that they make your home more comfortable and let you get the most out of your space. But did you know that renovating the bathrooms in your home can also improve the value of your home as well as its appeal to potential buyers? Many modern bathroom renovation ideas can significantly boost interest in your home and make up some of the most common renovation work done in homes today.

Some estimates show that a thorough bathroom remodeling project can increase a home’s value and earn back as much of what was invested into the renovation. Some remodels can even put back up to 71% of your costs when the time comes to sell your home. Simply put, these modern bathroom renovation ideas will not earn you a dollar-for-dollar increase in your home’s value. However, they can go a long way in making it more appealing and more valuable overall. A refreshed and modern bathroom can also help pull in more serious offers for your house while helping to add 10-40% more to the value of your home, with the average value being 20%.

So, if you are looking for a room in the home to renovate that has the potential to yield the best return on the investment, the bathroom is the place to start. Here are some modern bathroom renovation ideas that can offer a quick and easy way to add value to your home without breaking the bank in the process. Check them out now and see which of these modern bathroom renovation ideas is right for you and your home!


The floor of the bathroom takes a lot of abuse day in and day out. Upgrading worn-out floors with a new luxury vinyl plank install project or putting down new tile or vinyl flooring is a great option to consider. Simple renovations to the flooring can update the look and feel of your bathroom space while also increasing the appeal of your home as a whole. No matter how big or small the space, a new floor installation can lift your bathroom up and make it much more modern in its look and feel. And best of all, it requires minimal time and money investment.


A modern approach to bathroom remodeling does not have to be complicated or overly involved. Updating the tiles on the walls in the shower or elsewhere in the bathroom space can really improve the appeal and ambiance of the bathroom. Changing the color of the wall tiles, renovating with a more modern look, and updating this aspect is a very simple projects that can be done for any bathroom area. You can even do this sort of project on your own though it is always a good idea to call in the pros for any bathroom remodeling or renovation work.


One of the most vital systems in the bathroom, of course, is the plumbing and pipe hookups. Working with a local plumbing company during your bathroom renovation can be a great way to ensure everything is in good working order. Many of the most popular modern bathroom renovation ideas revolve around access to water. Upgrading the pipes and plumbing and checking for any signs of leaks and damage will ensure all future bathroom upgrades are secure and worthwhile in the long run. It’s a simple but vital part of bathroom renovations.


While working with a local contractor and plumbing company, one popular upgrade to consider is the addition of a new shower. Standing showers and glass shower doors are increasingly common in modern bathrooms and are a great way to increase the look and feel of the space. With the right plumbing services, design support, and creative planning, a new shower system can transform an outdated bathroom into something innovative and comfortable. This simple approach can easily become the best upgrade you make to your home in the end.


If you have a separate shower and still want a place to relax and soak now and then, adding a new tub can be a great upgrade for your bathroom. Refurbishing and replacing the tub with something more stylish and functional is a prime example of modern bathroom renovation ideas that offer great returns on investment. You can opt for a classical tab, a spa and whirlpool combo, an innovative walk-in tub, or anything else that fits you and your family’s needs. For families with children, keeping the tub in place is often a good idea for optimal usability too.


You cannot talk about modern bathroom renovation ideas without looking at the sink. From sinks that are too small, poorly positioned, or located in awkward areas of the room, there are many ways to improve this aspect of the bathroom space. Simply upgrading the sink to something bigger and more user-friendly can be a great way to kick off a bathroom remodeling project. Whether you go with something simple and basic or a more luxurious or customized piece, this simple work can go a long way in boosting the useability of the bathroom.


While working with local plumbers and design experts, you will want to have them look at the overall plumbing layout of the bathroom. This can help you know what easy renovations you can do to fix issues with the layout and flow of the bathroom space. Improving the vanity and counter areas can make the entire bathroom more user-friendly, especially when more than one person has to share the bathroom regularly. His and hers vanity setups are increasingly popular and are an easy renovation idea to implement into your next home improvement project.


While most homeowners think about cabinets in terms of kitchen work and renovations, they are also popular in bathrooms as well. As you begin working with an interior designer or countertop contractor, you can easily work in some new cabinet installs to complete your bathroom upgrade. Conveniently designed and located cabinets can make it easier to store bathroom essentials and greatly improve the usability of the space. Adding more shelves and storage space can also complement the cabinet design and setup you decide to use.


If you do not have a lot of money to invest right away into your bathroom revitalization project, adding a few decorative elements can really make a difference. Adding better mirrors and similar features is one of the easiest modern bathroom renovation ideas that require little effort or initial investment. A well-placed mirror or glass wall feature can brighten up the bathroom, make it more inviting, and aid in the overall functionality of the space. If you need something quick and easy for a bathroom DIY, this is a great place to get started.


Affectionately known as the throne, this is the place in the bathroom that gets the most attention and use by far. While most are all designed basically the same, upgrading to something a little more innovative, sustainable, and comfortable can be a great asset to the room area. As far as modern bathroom renovation ideas go, this is one option that will always be well appreciated and worth the investment. It’s what the bathroom is intended for so if you can be comfortable while doing it that is all the better for you and your family.


Not all bathroom updating and renovation projects have to involve ripping something out and putting in something new. Most bathrooms can benefit from renovation work that focuses on improving storage and organizational options. Keeping supplies organized and accessible can work wonders for the functionality and usability of any bathroom setup, no matter how big or small. Shelves, racks, hangers, storage boxes, and organizational containers can all have a huge impact on the look and feel of your bathroom’s overall layout and design.


Another simple but highly impactful example of modern bathroom renovation ideas is upgrading the fixtures. This includes the faucets and showers as well as the fixtures for lights and other systems. Matching knobs and handles can tie everything together and improve the fixtures and accent pieces within the bathroom can quickly and easily improve the ambiance and feel of the space. It is an upgrade that requires very little in terms of initial investment and can go a long way in breathing a breath of life into an older bathroom setup.


There are a number of professionals and contractors you will need to work with during your bathroom renovations. Electricians can help you plan and execute any number of upgrades related to lighting sources and fixtures. Having the right type and level of light in the bathroom can make it easier to use and enjoy. Simply changing the type of lights in the bathroom or switching out bulbs and light sources can totally change the look and feel of your bathroom. It is a common renovation used as a final touch along with other upgrade projects.


Modern bathroom renovation ideas come in all sizes and can often involve work on removing, expanding, or renovating walls within the bathroom space. You can easily transform the entire bathroom by knocking out a wall or changing the layout of the bathroom in a small way. Wall upgrades and remodeling can be involved and should be done by experts, but are a guaranteed way to revitalize any worn-out bathroom design. Even if you are not ready for a full-blown reconstruction project simply repainting the walls can be enough to have an impact.


The final upgrade to consider for your bathroom space is an overhaul of the heating and cooling system. Proper airflow is vital in the bathroom to maximize comfort and reduce the growth of mold and mildew. HVAC service experts can ensure your current ductwork and air system are in good shape and make recommendations for improvements that should be made. This is one of the common modern bathroom renovation ideas that can be easily implemented and have a long-lasting impact on your bathroom space overall.

Improve Your Home Quickly and Easily With These Modern Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Modern bathroom renovation ideas can span the from simple to complex projects. Knowing what is right for your bathroom needs comes down to knowing what is and is not working in your current bathroom setup and seeing what project would best address those needs. It can be a big investment but is something that can significantly improve the overall value of any home. Remodeling’s 2022 “Cost vs. Value Report” shows that a mid-range bathroom remodels generally costs about $27,164, and an upscale remodel costs about $82,8822. How much you sink into your renovation work will depend on a number of factors that you alone can weigh and make a final decision about.

Home renovations have always been popular for a number of reasons. Among these include making the space more accessible and comfortable as well as adding value to your home’s resell value. Home improvement investments are a smart way to increase the worth and enjoyability of your home for yourself and your family. Many modern bathroom renovation ideas make up some of the most common work seen today. The first step is the hardest, but working with a skilled and experienced contractor and home design expert is always a smart choice.

Bathroom renovations are one of the necessary parts of maintaining your home. Discover the difference these modern bathroom renovation ideas can make and fall in love with your bathroom again! Get started today- you and your family will be glad you did!