What to Expect When You Enter a Rehab Detox Center


If someone wants to get rid of an addiction that has been interfering with their daily life, a rehab detox center can be of great assistance. It can be a difficult process to go through, but it is well worth it. The video typically shows a day in the life of a person in a rehab detox center.

The major objective of the rehab center is to help the person set boundaries and stop self-destructive behavior. By establishing boundaries, the person will have a better chance of avoiding the temptation to start over.

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In addition, the center will provide support to help the person through therapeutic community groups and individual therapy.

The typical day starts with breakfast, followed by meditation. This is to help the person relax and clear their mind. Later, the person will participate in physical wellness training and wellness groups. Furthermore, they will attend expressive arts therapy sessions that will help them work on themselves. Post lunch, the person will go to one-on-one therapy and participate in recovery sessions. Finally, the day will end with a recreational activity to help them build self-confidence. Life in rehab is structured and controlled, thereby increasing self-awareness.