The Best Ways to Style a Mantel


Whether you already have a mantel or you’ve engaged a local custom mantel contractor to create one, it surely adds to the room’s ambiance. However, selecting the most complementary lighting, art, and memorabilia should reflect what you enjoy and how you want people to feel. Suzie Anderson Home’s video “Styling the Fireside and Mantelpiece” provides six decorating rules to turn a mantelpiece into the perfect focal point.

The decorations on your existing or local custom mantel must speak to your heart and senses.

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For example, foliage and flowers bring outdoor beauty inside, but the formality of your greenery should complement your mantel. For instance, bright red amaryllis softens a black or marble fireplace. White daisies and purple coneflowers add beauty to rustic mantelpieces. Candles, whether real or LED, add elegance.

Sightlines matter, so make sure everyone sees something interesting, artistic, or meaningful from every angle. For example, use mirrors to maximize natural light from windows, chandeliers, or skylights. Next, stand and sit throughout the room while facing your mantel. Organize seating that allows you to store firewood, fireplace tools, matches, or lighters attractively. Finally, keep your existing or local custom mantel free of soot by having your working fireplace professionally cleaned.