How to Use a Lice Removal Kit


Most parents have to deal with head lice on occasion. Lice are adept at spreading between hosts, and children are likely to pick them up from their friends or classmates at school. If your child has recently come home with head lice, it’s important to act fast. One of the best ways to solve this issue is to use a lice removal kit.

Lice removal kits come with everything you need to eradicate lice from a person’s hair.

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Generally, they include a lice comb, lice treatment, and a specialized treatment dispenser. The video posted on this page can show you what to expect from a lice removal kit.

In order to use the kit most effectively, you’ll need to make sure your child’s hair is as free of tangles as possible. Since lice lay their eggs close to the scalp, you shouldn’t need to worry about thoroughly treating the full length of your child’s hair. Make sure your child’s hair is fully coated, then let the treatment sit on the hair for the specified time frame.

Next, use the lice comb to remove lice and eggs from the hair. The treatment should have immobilized the lice. You may need to do multiple treatments, usually about 10 days apart.