How to Exterminate a Rat Infestation


Video Source

Rat infestations can get out of hand quickly without the professional clean-up of an exterminator company. This video shows the efforts of an Exterminator in Britain dealing with a rat problem that’s gotten out of hand.

The problem arose when a rat infestation took hold in a vacant house and started spreading to nearby residential units. The rats chewed through parts of the property and made it an absolute nightmare for the family inside.

The exterminator lays bait to understand the pattern of the rats’ movement. The bright side of a large infestation is that they’re easier to track and poison. The exterminator finds evidence of the rats under the kitchen appliance and in the attic, so focuses his attention there.

After trapping a rat, the exterminator can confirm his suspicion that there is a high volume of them in the house. The rat died with its head in the trap, meaning it was feeling competitive for food. Generally, rats will flick the bait off with their tail.

Rat infestations are a serious problem for your property and, more importantly, your health. Contact a professional exterminator company if you see signs of a rat infestation. To learn more, click on the link above.