The Process on How to Paint a House


Hiring house painters is a good option but if you want to do the paint yourself then this video is a perfect guide of every step on how to paint a house. Watch the video to find out.
If you’re lucky, the only significant preparation you’ll need to perform before the paint job is to clean your house’s surface.

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Wash down the walls with a hose and scrub any stubborn dirt away with a wire brush and warm soapy water. Before you can continue, you must remove any old, damaged paint from the surface of your house.
This includes any loose, blistered, or cracked paint. Before you begin painting, you should evaluate your home for damage and make any repairs that are necessary. It’s a good idea to calculate how much paint you’ll need before you start painting. This prevents the possibility of running out of paint halfway through the project.
Before you begin painting, you may need to apply a layer of primer to the surface of your house in some cases. Primer serves as an excellent base for paint and helps it stay longer by providing extra protection from the environment. Select a high-quality exterior paint, such as 100% acrylic latex. This will result in a more vibrant color that will dry faster and be more durable in the long term.
So, whether you are hiring house painters or painting yourself then this video is a perfect guide.