Grief and Loss Intervention


In this video, you will learn about grief counseling. Loss and grief are unfortunately part of everyone’s lives eventually. For some people, it is really hard to manage grief and loss. This video is a recording of grief and loss intervention.

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Losing loved ones and pets needs to be grieved. Childhood innocence can also be grieved. When kids say “I want to stay a kid as long as I can.” Loss of health, financial, and loss of lifestyle. These are all things that can be grieved and mourned. As people start to develop dementia, this can be mourned. Oftentimes, people think that grievances are only from death. Physically, we can lose things. When we lose our pets and family members, it is hard to move on. It is devastating to also lose memories. Things can be grieved just as much as people sometimes. As we age, we can lose mobility and physical things. That can also be grieved. You might not be able to do things that you’re used to because people changed the laws. Someone who has a baby, used to be a mother. You can grieve losing a role. As we get older, you are still a parent but your role as a mother has changed significantly.