Factors that Determines the Custom Bathroom Mirror Proportion


If you’re considering upgrading or remodeling your household bathroom, you need customizable bathroom mirror options that meet your specific needs and preferences — and the size of your home. Bathroom decoration using mirrors is a traditional practice but it’s still popularly used today and there are more custom and stylish options available in the market.

There are custom mirrors suitable for different types of bathroom style — whether you’re looking to achieve a classic or contemporary look.
However, a custom mirror for your bathroom shouldn’t just be functional but also stylish to blend well within the decor. This means factoring the design principle of the proportion of the mirror to the space available.

This article is going to look at some of the factors affecting the proportion of a custom mirror and help you choose the right option for your bathroom decoration.

Vanity Mirror Size

Customized mirror proportion is affected by it’s over overall size. This means that the mirror should match the vanity below in regards to proportion. Ideally, you should consider a slightly narrow mirror that allows the vanity countertop to be visible on each side.

The bathroom mirror proportion is also affected by the wall the mirror is hanged on, particularly when the mirror is detached from a vanity. If your bathroom space is limited and wants to achieve a traditional style, consider using a smaller custom mirror on walls that sufficient visual space around.

But if you’re looking for a contemporary style, you may with the mirror size. Geometric custom mirror design is an ideal modern bathroom aesthetic look. Or, you could try wide, and long mirror for more contrast and dramatic style mirrored wall.

Vanity Configuration

Another factor that can affect the proportion of the bathroom mirror is the vanity configuration — the design. If you want a double vanity for your bathroom, consider completing the look with two identical mirrors over each furniture. But it is only ideal for symmetrical vanity spaces.

For asymmetrical countertops, you can go with a full-sized mirror that covers the entire space to draw attention away from the vanity. Instead of covering the whole sink area with glass, you may also opt for a custom mirror over a single sink to highlight the wall decor.

Bathroom Mirror Shape

When it comes to traditional setups, bathroom mirrors often come in two shapes — square and rectangle. But there are other stylish shapes like oval and round though these ones can be challenging to work with considering they eat up visual space with the elimination of corners.

Therefore, from a functional perspective, the squares or rectangle bathroom mirrors remain the suitable mirror shapes. In addition, these two shapes reflect the shapes of the wall and vanity, making it easy to play around with the proportion.

But when you consider the aesthetic part of it, ovals, circles and other geometric curved mirrors are the best. The unique shapes and designs add an element of classic beauty to your bathroom. So, depending on the space and overall decor, you can compromise on the proportional principle design of the mirror for the pleasing effect of arched mirrors.

Frame or Frameless Customized Bathroom Mirror

Typically, you have two choices to make — buy a framed or a frameless mirror. However, this choice is determined by a number of factors including the size of vanity countertop, overall decor and bathroom size. For example, if you have a wide vanity and it’s to be attached to a narrow mirror, the opt for a framed mirror to slightly compensate for the huge difference in proportion.

Many homeowners, particularly those who are going for a minimalist bathroom look, use the frameless one because of their simple appeal.
With custom mirrors, you can also get custom frames that suit your color, shape and size preferences.

While minimal frame will not have a significant impact on the overall mirror proportion, choosing a bold colored frame will definitely stand out and make your place even more lively. Smaller mirrors, however, are ideal to use when the attention is focused on the vanity or the walls rather than the mirror itself.

Choose a custom bathroom mirror based on the budget, style and mirror space available for installation.