6 Types of Long-Term Care Facilities for Seniors


Long-term care facilities incorporate a number of assisted living options and ongoing skilled nursing care to a person’s health or personal care needs. Nursing homes are a traditional solution when it comes to choosing a housing care for your elderly, and is considered the best option when home care nursing is not adequate. But these are not the only choices you have.

With a progression of alternatives such as continuing care retirement communities and assisted living, seniors can receive more customized care to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. Adult foster homes are also a great option for those seniors looking to be in a family setting.

However, the cost of care is a key factor that greatly determines your choice of long-term care. And considering that Medicare or Medicaid don’t fully cover long-term care, you’re left with crucial decisions to make. Of course, some options like assisted living and CCRCs are quite expensive, which is why you need to consider other long-term facilities.

Long Term Care Facilities Near Me! Independent Senior Living

Also referred to as retirement living, this is more flexible care for seniors looking to enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle with the provision of self-contained care and an assortment of amenities. Independent living can either be found in retirement communities or senior living apartments that are designed to make a senior’s life more comfortable.

Depending on the type of residence, the cost will often vary based on several factors such as level of care, services, programs, activities, and location. Some independent living residences will have on-site recreational centers or clubhouses that offer a more “vacation-like” experience, with specialized care, healthy foods and lots of fun and interactive activities for the seniors.

Long Term Care Facilities Near Me! Assisted Living Facilities

Proper medication management, light housekeeping, and daily personal care needs are some of the primary services in assisted living facilities. All these are done under the close supervision of a caregiver who specializes in both individual and group care. Assisted living facilities offer different levels of care and medical services to residents with varying needs.

When choosing assisted living, it’s important to consider what you really need and what is being offered. What’s the level of care? Do they provide meals, and how often is that? What about daily housekeeping and laundry? If the residence provides transport, ensure you know if there are extra charges for that.

Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

This type of long term care facility offers a three-tier approach for the elderly. It serves as a retirement community where residents receive a continuum of care inside a shared single-family apartment and easily moved to advance care if their needs change. There are on-site assisted living facilities and nursing homes in CCRCs where residents can transition in the future. But CCRCs a relatively expensive compared to other long terms facilities options, with high administration fees and monthly charges.

Long Term Care Facilities Near Me! Memory Care

It’s estimated that 64% of people 65 and older in nursing homes have Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. That’s why more specialized care such as memory care has helped to cater to this group. Memory care conducts close monitoring and supervision on its residents and provides an extra level of care without the feeling of an institutionalized environment. These residences are mainly found within assisted living facilities and are designed to offer 24-hour health and personal care.

Long Term Care Facilities Near Me! Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are what many people generally think of when it comes to long-term care facilities. Their services are beyond what’s being offered in assisted living facilities in terms of the number of meals in a day, supervision and additional personal care. These facilities often receive residents with physical or mental health conditions, and the level of treatment and care will depend on specific resident’s needs.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Though there are overlapping roles played by both nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities, they aren’t the same when it comes to choosing long term care. Skilled nursing facilities have a more advanced level of care such as rehabilitation services administered by a team of trained medical professionals.

Carefully consider your options to find the right care facility for your loved one.