Simple designs that blow away your guests


Mission style furniture is one of the most simply elegant styles that go with practically everything in your home. You can mix and match mission style with other styles and it looks as of they were meant to be. If you are thinking about redecorating after your kids have moved out, you bought a new home, or you simply want to become a better host mission style furniture could be the option for you.

Mission style furniture is perfect for that new guest bedroom you are looking to redecorate. There are simple rugs with elegant lines, neutral colours, and modernized styles that match the most challenging rooms in your home. Mission style lamps are basic shapes and simple styles that compliment the room and match many other styles of furniture. Geometric shapes are quite common in the design of mission style lighting and can be simple or intricate depending on what you are looking for.

Mission style office furniture can be a game-changer when redesigning your office space. Your office is a place of focus, streamlining ideas, and being straight to the point. These mission style pieces of furniture are simple and beautiful adding class and grace to your workspace to bring a more professional vibe to the room. Mission style lighting adds some gorgeous accents to any room and really helps with the look and feel of professional office space. Mission furniture stores can help you decide which style will help you feel better about your office design.

Woodgrain furniture has been growing in popularity for its simplicity and stunning look and feel. Not only does it look great but it is some of the most sturdy furniture you can buy in-store or online. Having a living room space that looks great and can stand up to the number of guests you are looking at hosting can be a huge deal maker. You can find a huge selection at local mission furniture stores and even online.

Mission style furniture has been around since the late 19th century. The Mission style emerged when Joseph McHugh, a New York furniture maker, released a line of rustic furniture featuring simple design elements for the Swedenborgian Church of the New Jerusalem in San Francisco. This design style has been gaining ground in mission furniture stores around the globe and is not going anywhere anytime soon.