Americans Depend on Lots of Storage Solutions


The rental industry in some parts of the country is very competitive. For this reason, there are a number of property owners who are offering many incentives fill their available spaces. When the construction completion of a rental location is delayed, however, the leasing agent has to make every further accommodations to make sure that they do not lose the tenants that they currently have. There are a variety of possibilities.

Temporary Free Self Storage Units
Not surprising, one of the biggest factors when a rental unit is not ready is where future tenants can put all of their belongings. If they have moved from out of town, for instance, they may have no storage solutions available to them. The leasing company can, therefore, reduce a great deal of stress by offering free self storage units to renters during the delay. With the access that self storage units provide, renters can actually still access items that they may need during the wait.

Temporary Housing Solutions
Once renters have access to a place to store their belongings while they wait for occupancy, they obviously need a place to stay. Typically, a leasing company will provide some temporary housing solutions in a local hotel and offer a daily food allowance if that hotel does not have in room kitchens. And while this is not an ideal situation, it is comforting for the future tenants to know that they have a convenient alternative, especially if the location is good. For people who have an alternative place to stay for free while they are waiting for an apartment to be finished, there is another compensation option as well.

Gift Cards
One way to compensate future tenants is to offer them a place in a close by hotel. For future renters who have the option to stay somewhere with friends of family, a $1,000 gift cards at move-in may encourage these residents to stay with you even though the building is not ready when it is supposed to be. With a moving target for the actual move in, however, it is important to make sure that you have plans in place to have these gift cards on time. Many of your renters, for instance, may be counting on those gift cards to cover some of the additional costs of movie. If you are going to need to provide an extensive number of cards being ordered, you do not want delays in paperwork to keep the cards from being ready at the promised time.

Free Movers Available During Specific Times
After an extended delay, a leasing company may put some things in place to make sure that the late move in is easier. For instance, they may offer moving support at no cost to the renters. Making movers available both evenings and mornings to help residents make the transition from a holding hotel to the community is a convenience that can make the move in day, when it finally arrives, less stressful. These movers might also be available to assist residents who are moving items provided storage units to the permanent community.

Americans are known for having lots of stuff. This stuff, of course, is what makes moving so difficult. Even when closing dates on house purchases happen on time and rental properties are ready when promised, there are still a lot of details to worry about. Fortunately, there is an estimated 21 square feet of storage space for every household in the U.S. this space is a mix of everything from small self storage units to large storage facilities that allow people to store boats and RVs. Storage is in such high demand in some parts of the country, for instance, that many high quality storage unit facilities now have electronic gates for extra security. These options make sure that all customer belongings are kept secure at all times, while at the same time allowing monitored access by owners.

The latest estimates indicate that the storage unit industry contributes an estimated $3 billion in state and local taxes every year in the U.S. This is just the taxes, and does not account for all of the money that is put into the economy for builders, workers, and facility owners.