Renting Tables and Tents for Outdoor Events


A variety of popular events may take place outdoors as well as indoors, if the event’s organizers prefer that and if the weather is fair. Weddings, charity meals, and large birthday parties may be hosted outside for style during mild weather, such as a pleasantly warm spring morning or a brisk September afternoon. Many wedding ceremonies take place indoors, such as in churches or synagogues across the United States, though outdoor weddings prove popular, too, such as in parks or on a beach. Outdoor weddings tend to be slightly less formal than indoor ones, but they can still be classy and well-organized events. Doing this outdoors means tent accessories and furniture rental, and tent accessories and furniture rental is something to have prepared well ahead of time. Party rentals may include strings of lights, and wedding linen rental is important too, to cover bare wooden tables. Renting a table is also part of this, as it’s quite expensive to actually buy all the tables and chairs needed for these events. Instead, strategic wedding rentals can keep costs down and allow everyone to have a great time. How to handle tent accessories and furniture rental?

Tent Accessories and Furniture Done Right

These rentals should be done in a certain order, since some materials provide reference for others and nothing should be estimated. There may be a problem if the rented tent is too small for the party, or if too many table linens are rented (or if those linens are the wrong size). So, all of this can start with the guest list. Events such as weddings or large birthday parties will certainly have a guest list, and that is a whole topic on its own. Once the guest list is finalized, the event organizers will know how many people need to be seated, and that will guide their table and chair rentals. Enough tables and chairs for the guests can be found at dedicated furniture rental sites, and the tables’ size, shape, and seating capacity may vary somewhat. Rarely, though, will a table rental site also offer linens for those tables. That may come from a separate company.

Now that all the tables and chairs are on hand, the event organizers can figure out how much room they all take up, and that will dictate the event’s total square footage. There must be enough room between the tables for everyone to walk in between them, and there must also be enough room for everyone to slide their chairs in and out. Having many small tables rather than a few larger ones may boost the square footage needed, since there must be extra space in between them. A typical wedding might have a number of round tables that seat eight to 12 people each.

Tent and Linen Rentals

Now that all the tables and chairs are rented and organized correctly, that determines the total square footage needed to house all this. That is very important for tent rental, since a too-small tent can’t even hold everyone and a too-large tent is a waste of money and space. The event organizers may now find and approach local tent rental companies and visit in person to do business. This gives the renters a chance to look over tents in person, and check them for defects such as rips, holes, stains, or frays in the fabric. Some tents may also come with fabric walls that can be hung off the edges, complete with clear plastic windows. Fabric walls may be desired if the event’s organizers want to keep it fairly private, or if they think that the weather might take a turn for the worse at some point. Or, they may simply like the more “indoor” feel that such walls make.

What about linens? Like with the tent, the numbers should not be estimated ahead of time, or the renters may get too many or too few linens, or the wrong size and shape. Having all the tables rented gives the correct reference for the number, size, and shape of all linens, and they can be rented from dedicated linen rental sites. The linen color, material, and pattern are simply a matter of taste, so long a the size is correct.