The Right Strategy for Renting Wedding Linens


Many events call for a large collection of tables, chairs, and linens for all the guests, and this applies to both indoor events and outdoor events that take place under a party tent. Events such as weddings, bar or bat mitzvahs, charity meals, and large birthday parties call for all kinds of rented hardware, and that can make for a great time. But the event’s organizers will probably not actually buy all those tables, chairs, and linens, since that can get expensive in a hurry. Imagine buying all the tables and other hardware for 200 wedding guests or 100 people at your nephew’s bar mitzvah. Besides, buying all that means needing somewhere to store all those items afterwards, which can be a hassle all on its own.

This is where wedding linen rentals and chair rentals come in. Renting tables, linen fabrics, and more is much more price friendly than trying to buy all that, and the hardware can all be returned once the event is over. Padded chairs, wedding linen rentals, and a large party tent can all be found and borrowed through local companies, and even large events can be made easy with the right rentals. Although wedding linen rentals and chair rentals and table rentals are done from different companies, managing all this may be relatively easy if tasks are delegated among several people.

Table and Chair Rental Done Right

As noted above, wedding linen rentals and renting tents and tables all come from different companies. It is pretty unlikely that a single company will offer rental tables and wedding linen rentals at the same time. How to start all this? The party’s organizers will need to know the event’s square footage for accurate tent rental, but this number should not be estimated. Instead, the organizers may start with a guest list. Bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, charity meals and events, and large birthday parties will (or at least should) have a solid guest list, and a finalized guest list will show the exact number of people attending.

With this number in mind, the event’s organizers may move on to table rental. The tables they rent may vary in size and shape, and vary in how many people can sit at each one. Some tables may be quite large or small, and may be circular or long rectangles. In the end, all the tables together should seat everyone who will attend the event, and this also dictates how many chairs will be rented, too. The tables and chairs may be rented together from the same company, as tables and chairs often match as a set.

These tables and chairs must be arranged correctly for an event. The total square footage will come from not only the tables’ total area, but the necessary space between them for people to walk through and slide their chairs in and out. All of this together will determine the event’s total square footage for tent rental, and the number and size of tables dictates the details of wedding linen rentals.

Renting Linens and Tents

Chairs and tables must be rented first, and their arrangement determined ahead of time. Once that is done, linen and tent rentals are possible. Such wedding linen rentals may come from a separate company that offered the tables themselves, and these linens may vary in their material (silk, cotton, etc) and vary in their color and features, such as lace or embroidered patterns. It is essential that the shape and size of the linens match the tables closely, but the color and style is simply a matter of taste and personal preference. Such linens can easily make even bare wood tables look classy and elegant for a meal.

What about the tent? The table and chair arrangement determined the necessary square footage, so the event organizers may visit tent rental companies in person to find a model of a similar size (they might get a slightly larger tent, but not a smaller one). Renting a large party tent in person is important, so the renters can check the fabric for holes, rips, stains, or any other imperfections. Some tents may also come with optional bonuses, such as fabric walls with clear plastic windows to create a more indoor-style space.