4 Treatments and Services Offered at the Emergency Room


No one wants to be sick or get injured, but sometimes these things happen despite our best intentions and medical treatment is required. When this happens, many go to the emergency room because of the treatments and services they offer. Emergency rooms offer 24 hour emergency care and can treat a wide variety of issues. As said before, emergency rooms offer a wide variety of treatments and services and this article will look at a few of them.

  • X-Rays: One important service that emergency rooms offer is x-rays. This can be an important if you’ve been in an accident and suspect that you’ve broken or fractured a bone somewhere in your body. The emergency room can take x-rays and determine what damage, if any has been done. Of all the services that emergency rooms offer, this is probably one of the most important.
  • Blood Tests: Another important service that emergency rooms offer is blood tests. Emergency rooms can run basic blood tests that can detect illnesses and other diseases that might be otherwise undetectable. This is a very important service because these tests can detect if there is a serious problem developing which will allow doctors to begin proper treatment.
  • Difficulty Breathing: One treatment that the emergency room offers is treatment for difficulty breathing. If you are having difficulty breathing and go to the emergency room, the nurses and physicians can examine you to determine why you are having trouble breathing. If it’s a respiratory issue, the hospital can have you seen by a respiratory therapist who can give a breathing treatment to help fix the problem.
  • Chest Pain: The emergency room can also provide important treatments for chest pain. If you are having bad chest pains, the emergency room can examine you and provide treatment for your chest pain, with medicine or other treatments.

In conclusion, the emergency room offers a wide variety of important treatments and services. These include, but are by no means limited to: providing x-rays, important blood tests, treating difficulty breathing, and treating chest pain. This is just a small sampling of the important treatments and services that the emergency room can provide to its patients.