You Should Redecorate Your Home Every Five To Ten Years What Style Speaks Most To You?


Quality is everything. This goes for the diesel you put in your engine, it goes for the coffee you order to get you through the day. How about your living room furniture?

Your home is an important part of you. It’s what greets you after a hard day and where you lay your head to rest at night. Furniture that doesn’t compliment your unique taste or offer you much in the way of comfort is furniture that needs to be replaced. It’s thought the average American home today has over 300,000 things in them. When’s the last time you considered the quality of your living room sets and Mission rugs?

From lighting to style, the list below will give you a crash course on all the details that go into buying the right furniture. Make this year the year you really bring out your home’s best.

Interior Design Should Reflect The Deepest Parts Of Your Soul

What’s the most important aspect of interior design? Making sure it reflects your personality. A recent study asking respondents about their first impressions with furniture saw the majority agreeing with the statement ‘the type of furniture someone owns says a lot about who they are’. A Houzz survey saw nearly 50% of homeowners actively planning on decorating their homes in 2018. This can mean buying a shiny new bedroom set to switch things up or just adding a Mission lamp to the living room.

Even The Best Furniture Won’t Do Well Without Good Lighting

An important aspect to get comfortable with is lighting. How can you really see the best your living room furniture has to offer if you don’t have a bold set-up? There are a few ways you can step up your lighting presentation and really enjoy what you’ve got every time you come home. Traditional halogen lightbulbs are fast becoming obsolete, using up too much energy for not enough output. LED lights, on the other hand, offer even more brightness and last a much longer time.

Each Style Offers You The Potential For Thousands Of Set-Ups

Are you someone that wants to live in a modern, sleek home? Do you much prefer the rustic, classic appeal of old-fashioned furniture? Over one-third of respondents in a 2017 Interior Design Trends survey said they would much prefer a neutral color palette when redecorating their home, which is helpful if you want to customize over the year. Today’s most popular styles include vintage, classic, modern, Western, and ocean. Choosing yours means being open to new options and not being afraid to mix and match.

Leather Furniture Is A Great, All-Around Addition

Here’s one area you can let loose a bit. Leather furniture goes well with just about any style, both for its neutral color and smooth finish, and can last a long time. It’s recommended you condition your leather furniture every six months or so to keep it soft. Make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight, as well, since UV rays can cause your furniture to crack and get hard. Interior designers today recommend you update your decor every five to 10 years to reflect the changes in your life.

Your Furniture Should Last A Long Time

Long story short…your furniture should last a while. This means seeking out living room furniture, lighting sets, and rugs that are designed with more than just an affordable price tag. The truly good stuff will be made out of the best materials and offer you only the finest craftsmanship. A recent survey saw 60% of participants stating they prefer to design their living room around a sofa. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s meaningful.

There are a lot of beautiful, unique living room furniture sets out there. Which one speaks most to you?