Keep The Fall Out Of Winter Helpful Safety Hints For Winter Walking


Cool walking canes

The snow is falling and winter is here. Along with father winter comes a bit of complication with pedestrian travel. This is especially true among of our elderly compatriots.

In general, 25% of elderly adults takes a fall every year, causing two million of them to visit the emergency room. This increases in risk and frequency when the weather outside is frightful. In no way do we wish to tell you to stay put this winter. Where’s the fun in that? When you’re going out and the weather is wily, here are some things to remember that will help catch a fall before it happens.

Prepare Your Cane

Don’t let pride get in the way. Canes are as much a fashion statement as they are an essential steadying device. Very much like a vehicle needing winter tires, your cane should be prepared for the wintry elements. The newer styles of carbon fiber cane have plenty of attachment options, especially cane base grips for ice and snow. While you’re using your cane as a third foot to maintain balance, you don’t want that to slip do you? If your boots have good grip, so should your walking stick, regardless of style.

A good carbon fiber cane can be purchased in pairs, too. Even if you’re just walking about in the snow, dual walking sticks can offer double support (think like skiers, they’ve got the right idea).

Appropriate Planning

Prevent yourself from being in a potentially harmful situation. If there’s going to be a blizzard, canes and walking sticks can only offer so much support. Look at the weather closely before making the decision to embark when it could bear disastrous results. This goes closely with your winter weather apparel. Proper footwear and outwear will keep your body comfortably warm, alleviating distraction from where you’re walking. Cold people subconsciously hurry to get warm, people who hurry are more likely to make a mistake, leading to a fall. Slow down, stay warm, and take your time.

You know yourself best when it comes to personal safety, but keeping these things in mind will keep you from becoming accidentally complacent. Winter can be both beautiful and cruel, but with the proper preparation and a well balanced amount of caution, you’ll navigate the winter wonderland with ease.