Are You Getting Ready to Reorganize the Items in Your Laundry Room or Craft Area?


The kids have been back in school for nearly four weeks now, and you have made it all of the way through the shows you had cued up on Netflix. And while your husband has been patient so far, it is likely time that you transition from the carefree schedule of summer into the more structured time of the school year. You are hoping to make sure that you get the basement scrapbooking and quilting areas organized, as well as rearrange the bedrooms of your two daughters.

With the use of some new 6 cube organizer white sets you hope to achieve all of these goals, and maybe even moving on to organize your entryway. In other years, you worked your way into a routine where you got up first thing in the morning and took care of the laundry and the other daily tasks. When that was done, you tackled a different project every single day. Organizing your utility room on Monday, for instance, and using modular cube storage systems to make sure that the things that you clean and organize stay that way.

Finding the Right Storage Solution Is the Best Way to Keep Every Room of the house Organized

From scrapbook storage drawers to 6 cube organizer white sectionals that can be assembled in a variety of shapes and sizes, there is an organizational solution for everything. In fact, the latest research from NPR indicates that the average American home has nearly tripled over the past 50 years, making the need for storage items even more important for most home owners.

Interestingly enough, the fact that Americans need so many organization solutions is that people of all ages have more items than they did in the past. For instance, while British research discovered that the average 10-year-old owned 238 toys, but only played with12 a day, adults are just as guilty of having more than what the really need. For example, although the average American woman owned only nine outfits in the year 1930, according to Forbes that is no longer the case. Today, the average woman owns 30 outfits, enough for one for each day of the month. All combined, these toys and clothes combine help create the fact that the typical American home contains as many as 300,000 items. No wonder the storage industry continues to thrive. If you have taken a few days off since the beginning of the school year, maybe now is the time to put those 6 cube organizer white storage sectionals to good use.