Options for Storing Your Boat


If you have a boat, one of the biggest questions you face is what to do with your boat during the off-season. Finding a place to store it during the winter months especially to be quite a challenge, so it’s important to choose the storage option that is best for you and your boat situation. Here are some of the options available for storing your boat and some of the pros and cons of these various storage solutions.

Boat Storage Garage

Of course, the greatest advantage of storing your boat your own property is that you don’t have to pay any monthly fee and you always have immediate access to the boat. There are some’s downsides to using your own garage for storing your boat, though, one of the biggest being that your garage is not available for storing your car. Storing your boat in the garage may also make the garage unsuitable for storing other items or for use as a workplace. Additionally, your garage space may or may not be close to the water, and there can be a lot of inconveniences involved in hitching up and hauling the boat to the place you want to use it. garages are particularly built for boat storage, so is not uncommon to see lots of dents and scratches in boats caused by trying to get them in and out have a garage.

Self Storage Unit

You could store your boat in a self storage facility that accepts boats. It can be easier to find one of these facilities near the water, and of course, the great advantage of storing it here is the high level of safety and security that you get. Most facilities will offer 24-hour video surveillance, gated entry, perimeter fencing, and even electricity or water if you need to keep your boat in a climate-controlled situation. Some of these facilities will offer enclosed units and others can offer less expensive covered and even uncovered boat parking. The main consideration here is access hours. Nothing is more frustrating than planning an early morning fishing trip, only to reach the facility and find out that you cannot access your boat. Be sure to check with any storage facility about what hours you’ll be able to access your boat storage.


If you only use your boat in one place, it could be a good option to store your boat at a marina slip. The great advantage here is easy access every day of the year, as well as the opportunity to use your boat even if you don’t actually take it out of the port. The main disadvantage of this option is cost. You can also put more wear and tear on your boat by keeping it in the water and in the sun all the time. Of course, if you live in a harsh climate, this may not be an option at all.

Dry Dock

Drydock is a sort of warehouse storage solution that can work for some people. Drydock does offer certain services, such as fueling up your boat before you arrive, and it does serve to keep your boat out of the sun and snow. You can also store your trailer there. This method of storage is also very costly, however, and there may be significant extra charges for boats that have any kind of unusual shape.

Storing your boat is an important consideration for all boat owners. It’s not just a matter considering cost; it’s also important to consider convenience, safety, and the long-term wear and tear on the boat itself. However you want to store your boat, make sure you choose something within your budget, that offers the convenience you need, and that is guaranteed to keep your boat safe and seaworthy for years to come.