5 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Sweet 16 Party


As your daughter grows up, there are many important milestones to celebrate. One of these events is your daughter’s sweet 16 party. This event celebrates a girl’s sixteenth birthday, a popular tradition throughout much of the United States and Canada. Considering that, there are a wide of sweet 16 party themes to think about. If this feels overwhelming, there are a few party planning tips you’ll want to follow. With that in mind, here are five tips for throwing a great sweet 16 celebration.

  1. Start Making Reservations Early

    If you’re going to rent a location for your daughter’s party, it’s best to make reservations early. Depending on when your daughter’s birthday month is, there could be many local events taking place. In turn, booked venues won’t be able to meet your accommodation requests. If you’re unable to find a venue, many parents consider moving the party outdoors.
  2. Gather a List of Party Guests

    Another important step is to start getting a party guest list together. A sweet 16 is an important event in your daughter’s life. Therefore, you can expect her to want many guests to be at her special party. After you have this list, it’s wise to begin sending out invitations. After all, more people are likely to set aside time for this party after receiving invitations early. Waiting too long to send out invitations could lead to a disaster if no one is able to show up.
  3. Including Music for This Event

    You’ll definitely want to make sure that your daughter’s sweet 16 features plenty of music. Parents usually must decide whether to choose a band or DJ. Consider the style of music likely played during this event, a DJ will be the easier route to take. After finding the right DJ service, let them know what type of music you want to have during this event. You can also leave music selection up to the party guests. Most likely, a quality DJ service will already have an idea of what music will appeal to your target audience.
  4. Rent a Dance Floor for Extra Party Fun

    No party with music would be complete without a dance floor. However, parents throwing sweet 16 parties outdoors often wonder how to accomplish this goal. Considering that, you’ll want to know that renting a dance floor is possible. Dance floor rentals allow you to have a place for everyone to start dancing. Statistics show that costs for the average sweet 16 can range $300 to $25,000. Therefore, it’s best to save costs by renting a dance floor instead of buying one. In addition, you’ll likely only need these items once which makes renting a dance floor the wiser option.
  5. Don’t Forget About Giving Guests Party Favors

    After a sweet 16 party, it will soon be time for guests to start leaving. If you want to create lasting memories of this event, consider giving each guests party favors. This allows them to take home a treasured keepsake of your daughter’s sweet 16. For instance, you could include a bag filled with small treats and mementos. Party favors aren’t only given out directly after this event. You could also encourage everyone to stand together for group photos. Sending these photos to guests is another great type of party favor.

To summarize, there are several steps to follow that make planning a sweet 16 much easier than normal. If you’re wanting to spend wisely while planning this event, find as many rental opportunities as possible. Renting a dance floor brings the party almost anywhere you need it to take place. In addition, renting chairs and tables provides ample seating without eating into the rest of your budget. Therefore, it’s wise to contact a party rental company. Let them know your requests and see what they’re able to provide. In turn, you’ll find that renting allows you to save money without owning items you’ll rarely use.