How To Find The Best Way To Redecorate Your Home


Rustic armoire

From Native American bedspreads to custom made furniture like extra long twin bunk beds, the furniture you have in your home is an important way that you can express your personality. The furniture industry is growing, encompassing everything from Native American bedspreads to log furniture and lodge style decor, and has been found to be performing twice as well as the economy overall, increasing in market value by up to 7% every year. This is in part because the United States has been saving up to 30% of the cost of manufacturing furniture by outsourcing it to places outside of the continental United States. By 2019, just a scant year from now, the furniture industry around the world is expected to reach an overall market value of nearly 700 billion dollar.

Living room redecoration in particular has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it’s a great way to showcase your decor and, therefore, your self expression. The average person in the United States is willing to spend more than 2,000 dollars to fully redecorate their living rooms, and many people are looking for long lasting, quality furniture. In pursuit of furniture that will last them decades, many people turn to wood furniture and lodge style decor. Lodge style decor has become popular for its rustic and cozy feel. Native American bedspreads can be both ideal to meet this style but Native American bedspreads can also provide a great deal of comfort and really add to lodge bedroom furniture. Log bunk beds can be perfect for a childrens’ room while s still keeping with the overall theme of decor, and Native American bedspreads can be suitable and stylish for children as well as their parents.

In the general living space, log barstools and moose antler furniture can continue to add to the rustic feel, as well as reclaimed wood – which is not only stylish, but an environmentally friendly option. Rustic armoires and reclaimed barnwood furniture can be one in the same, combining function and form in one lovely piece of furniture. An antler coffee table can be the perfect way to express uniqueness and personality and can even become a conversation starter at get togethers.

From Native American bedspreads to a natural cedar bookshelf, rustic decor has become and will continue to be popular across the United States. It lends a cozy feel to any home, and will be more and more affordable with the success of the furniture industry around the world. There can be many different variations to rustic decor, and it can certainly be the perfect way to express your individual style and personality.