Are Any of these Four Mistakes Preventing your House from Selling?


Sell my house in fishers

You excitedly listed your house for sale. You are ready to sell and move onto purchasing a bigger house that meets your spacing needs. The first couple of viewing requests that came in left you giddy and excited. Yet, you received no offers. Now, the house has been on the market for many months, the showings are fewer and farer in between, and any offers you receive are much less than the asking price. You are probably wondering, why my house won?t sell? Selling a home is about much more than listing it with a local agent. It is possible that you are making the following sellers mistakes.

The house is improperly priced

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes and the one that has the biggest effect on your house selling is not pricing it correctly for the market. While your agent plays an important role in setting the price of the house, the seller also has to agree on the price. When there is a disagreement between the home seller and the agent, the agent will usually list for the seller?s requested price. This does not, however, mean that it will sell. If you had any pricing disagreements with your agent, it is possible that their price is more correctly aligned with the current housing market. The list price should be decided based on the square footage, the condition of the house, and the local comparable of both pending and recently sold houses.

You are not catering to your potential buyers needs

Selling a house when you are still living it in can be extremely inconvenient. You must continue on with your everyday life, going to work, cooking dinner, and raising your children. In the meantime, you have potential buyers that want to stop by with an hour?s notice. As tempting as it might be, it is important to never decline a viewing request. Declining a viewing request could be that one buyer that would have purchased your home. Even if they reschedule, they might find another house they like before every getting back to your viewing. Many sellers request help selling a home, but make viewings extremely difficult to schedule. It is also important that you make every attempt to leave the house when you have a viewing scheduled. Potential buyers do not want to look at a house with the sellers in it.

You are not waiting long enough

It takes time to sell a house. If you are asking, why wont my house sell after a month, you have not given it sufficient time. Depending on the market, the home, the type of sale, and the asking price, it can take six months or longer to sell a house when you go through a real estate agent. Fortunately, your agent knows how to sell a home. Give them enough time to list and then market your house. If you require a speedy sale, make sure you go through an agent that really knows how to sell a home.

You are not making the necessary renovations

The majority of home buyers want to move into a house that is move in ready. Make sure you have made all necessary repairs and renovations before ever showing your house. Your agent knows how to sell a home and is likely to provide you with valuable feedback about which renovations are the most important to make before listing. The average American moves about 12 times in their life. They do not want to remodel or update a home every time they move. Before you request that an agent sell my house, make sure your house is ready to sell.

If you are currently looking how to sell a home, it is possible that your home has been sitting on the market for many months, without any acceptable offers. The lack of selling could be due to a slow market, or it could be due to common seller mistakes that you are making. It is important to upgrade your home, set a competitive price, and use an agent that knows how to sell a home.