The Average American Moves Over A Dozen Times In Their Lifetime Common Moving Tips


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Moving can be a tedious process. It involves scouting out good locations, organizing your budget and taking the plunge from familiarity to the unknown. How can you make the moving process easier? When stress has you pulling out your hair, it’s time to put some of that responsibility on the shoulders of a Murfreesboro mover. Moving companies are very familiar with all the steps it takes to transfer from point A to point B and can shave off a significant amount of stress from a tiring expedition.

The average American will move around 12 times in their life. Wherever you fall on the scale, moving is no doubt a process you’re somewhat, if not very, familiar with. The United States is known by many to be a travel-hungry country and one that offers just as many resources as it does sources of frustration. What are the trends among those that get involved with moving and how will this potentially affect you?

Although everyone moves for different reasons, there are some commonalities linking us together. Fridays are often the busiest days in the moving industry, with the year 2016 showing nearly 20% of moves happening on a Friday morning or afternoon. Most Americans will also choose to move in the summer. The same year saw 14% of moves occurring in June, with December the least popular by a landslide. This is due to the warmer weather and longer days, making traveling a breeze.

The most common reasons people move involve family, education and job opportunities. More than six out of 10 adults have moved to a new community at least once in their lives, with only 37% or so having never left their hometowns. For those starting a new family, seeking out a safe community with schools and stores nearby is a prime choice. For those that want new job opportunities, metropolitan areas are often very popular. Whichever one is meaningful to you, a Nashville moving company can help.

Due to its massive size the United States is home to more than 50,000 storage facilities. For comparison, this is more than five times the number of Starbucks. With 300,000 items filling out the average American home, a mover should be able to accommodate your belongings in a safe and efficient manner. One out of every 10 Americans will rent offsite storage when moving. Whether or not this is applicable to you depends on how much you own and if you live in an apartment or house.

There are a few tips to keep in mind when moving. Make sure you’re completely open about your schedule. If you’re not sure when you’ll be able to arrive, be upfront and honest with your moving agency. This way you’ll avoid nasty surprises once you arrive at your destination. Mark your belongings, especially the fragile ones, neatly and clearly for easy perusal. Last, but not least, determine whether or not you need additional storage containers.

Moving may be tiring and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster. When you already have location and finances to consider, a mover can at least make sure your belongings are brought safe and sound. Let them help you transition to the next part of your life.