Get the Party Started with a Jump House


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Jump houses, bounce houses, inflatable water slides, obstacle courses; everyone has been to a party that offers at least one of these options. They have grown significantly in popularity over the years as rental costs have gone done making them more affordable for the average family.

What many people may not know if how healthy a jump house is to play in. Jumping requires the use of 14 muscles throughout the body. According to one study, jumping for 10 minutes is better than a half hour of running. This makes it even better because it will help kids get exercise and burn off their sugary snacks while still have fun.

Bounce houses are one of the simplest concepts ever. Provide children with a huge inflated pillow to jump on. They are safer than trampolines for several reasons. First, they are more contained. Kids are not likely to go flying off the side of a bounce house. Second, kids can not jump as high in a bounce house as they can on a trampoline.

You can fit several kids in a bounce house at once, which reduces arguments and keeps them busy longer. Renting a bounce house for the next big birthday party may actually allow the parents to relax and enjoy the party as well instead of constantly fielding questions, arguments, and activities.

Most areas have companies that provide bounce house rental. It is important to make sure you get all the safety gear along with the bounce house including stakes to anchor it to the ground. Because the bounce house is essentially a large balloon, they can be pulled away by a strong wind, which is why they need staked to the ground.

Following the basic safety instructions will eliminate the risk of most potential problems. You also want to make sure the children remove their shows when going into the bounce house. Again, this is for safety reasons but also to protect the bounce house.

One of the best things about a bounce house is that the weight limit is typically a few hundred pounds, so after the children are in for the evening, the parents can take a turn to play. There is no reason the bounce house can not be fun for the whole family.